When packaging creates visual symphony!

Am a die-hard design lover. And it makes so much business sense if brands in modern formats with shelf clutter, find their own visual way to titillate. Many categories have very little packaging design differentiation. And brands often don’t express their positioning or brand personality through their designs. Sometimes it’s the difficultly in changing  moulds, at other times adherence to category codes is key and at some other times it’s the need to preserve a design for years to come. Formulations, advertising and celebrities may change but packaging is stretched till recoveries are achieved.

Ignoring this ground reality, posted here are 10 refreshing approaches to design. Some did reach the retail shelves and some didn’t. Some are conceptual while some others, purely a launch jig. But of the lot here, most are practical & executable.

1. Mr. Clean Detergent: Home makers would love this. Imagine managing weight while managing the home. The design was inspired by the detergents’ strength & physical power story. The re-usability feature also ensures that once the pack is empty, it can be refilled with sand/water and used as a dumb-bell too

2. Kleenex ‘ Slice of Summer’: Countering the heat often just needs an allusion to a cooling comfort. As a limited edition these boxes are refreshing to the eye and catches attention through its summer fruit story. It definitely conveys that Kleenex tissues are a great way to freshen up.

3. 360 Paper Bottle: Paper & Liquid? Created to counter plastic bottles that are disposed with little ability to recycle, this container was meant to be sustainable and enhance the customer’s drinking experience. Simple and environment friendly (made from 100% renewable resources) it’s a lot of guilt off one’s conscience.

4. Back Creek Farms Maple Syrup: When its home made, anything is possible. Limited edition of a traditional, small scale maple syrup brand allowed it to experiment with its very structure. Hard to forget.

5.  Works with Water Nutraceuticals: Sometimes, just the simplicity cuts through. Especially with the no-frills health food category. This was for a UK based company with a range of soluble food supplements. It has ingredients which are clinically proven to have a direct impact on health problems such as blood pressure, acne and cholesterol. A very simple, professional yet friendly way of communicating the brand has been explored in packaging too.

6. Lokale Helter Frozen Pizza: Fresh idea for a well refrigerated snack. Very basic, but so intrinsic to the product shape that it makes the packaging cut competitive clutter very easily.

7. Nike Stadium Box: These guys take sport and success very seriously. And they never fail to surprise. The aim of this idea was to inspire football-crazy kids, to pursue their dreams professionally. So the soccer boots were jointly developed with professional players for enhanced performance. To bring this to life, a limited number of shoe boxes were created that could transform into the wild cheering of a stadium when it was opened. This was done by simply inserting a printed sheet of the stadium interior with sounds chips that took off when opened.

8. Dumb Bell Sports Drinking: Whether at home or the gym or even at work, pulling some weight is not a bad idea at all. Here is another one with a similar theme but relevant to the category. Created for a juice brand that is enriched to give energy, the structure of the bottle complements the benefit.

9. Water Bobble: Aaha! It sure is a smart thing to pay incremental one time for the bottle, than buy branded bottled water everyday. Water Bobble is a cool, easy to grip container that filters the water as one drinks it. It not only removes chlorine and organic contaminants from the water, but also ensures no wastage by daily reuse. An interesting Save the Planet idea alright.

10. Coke Special Edition: Did Coke need this? Can’t tell. But Haute Couture to quench your dry throat is plumped with attitude. One set is a Roberto Cavalli inspired packaging design. And the other simply catches the spirit of the summer. Evokes thirst alright!

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  1. Hi Sandhya,
    Great stuff!. What is the single most common thing amongst all of them is the ’simplicity’ and it attracts the most. The shelves are bursting with me-too packs and graphics and still every time you ask the brand managers or graphic designers they will tell you that they have created something absolutely stunning and innovative.

    Innovation is the new brand ambassador. Innovation can be at different levels besides only being an eye candy; cognition & perception level, tactile, performance, overall experience, brand reinforcement, anti-counterfeiting, brand pass-off, compliance, child resistant-elderly friendly, brand positioning, retail level and many more. Innovation pays; yes it does. (This is a favorite question of marketing managers :)


    • freshbrew team |

      Need for innovation is so true Shekhar. There is really so much to observe at a shopping moment. But we look at economies so often that the real purpose of re-designing a pack is forgotten. I look at the clutter in food & personal care and it’s apparent that it needs something refreshingly new.

  2. This has definitely sparked up an idea in my mind. That is a great weblog submit.

  3. Very apt insight Sandhya!
    Packaging is probably the one aspect of marketing communication that is not only extremely difficult for consumers to screen out, but it is also undeniably important in the emerging modern retail formats.

    Another interesting packaging design is that of Orangina. The pot-bellied shape of the bottle and the orangy texture to it catches attention and stimulates trial.

    • freshbrew team |

      Hi tinka…i was quite mesmerized when i saw some outstanding food packaging on one of my international trips. The retail space is so critical especially at self service stores & somehow the final mile is often smothered with short lived point-of-sale, with little regard to innovation in packaging. It would be perfect to build another brand ambassador, if we start our campaign here.

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