Social media experiences + Live experiences = Bigger beer or brand belly


Goes to say that experiential marketing is alive and kicking. The world has become a smaller place but not all of it has shrunk into mobiles & laptops. A few practical problems do need some very practical and ‘real world’ thinking. Andes Beer ensured boys could stay boys, with their ambient idea titled Teletransporter. Apparently these techie contraptions were installed in bars in Mendoza, Argentina. These booths let the ambient sounds speak on behalf of ‘boys-who-love-their-beer-with-friends-in-bars-without-their-girlfriends’. It signs off with a conscience uplifter: Why lie when you can teleport?

So some queries bother me as a student of advertising. Not as a pessimist, but as a tech-amazed, wide eyed, excited soul who would like to apply technology as a whole rather than the sum of its parts.

Q 1: What creates lasting impressions? Many folks in their late 20s/30s remember tiny details of events that have occurred live in front of them. They could touch, feel, walk around…absorb it all. Compare that with some of the tech supported digital media brand stories here, which leave an overall feeling of WOW! but aren’t recalled for their hidden stories. Often the build up is exciting but these digital ideas see a culmination all to soon. i.e. they end abruptly, unlike live experiences that often leave you craving for more. So is the power of the tease, surprises, sensorials just as impactful, in the way we are bringing it alive in our digital space?

Here’s a piece from John Butler titled Ocean. I wish I was there.


Q 2: What will make the brand iconic & create evangelists? The glory of football, cricket, F1 etc is in being there live, isn’t it? What wouldn’t we do to get to the stadium and watch Sachin even as the television shows nooks and crannies in angles that our eyes could never capture! The cult status of Nike or U2 or Harry Potter needed real sport icons who autographed live / Bono in flesh / finally became forever imprinted in memory with movies & video games that gave life to the characters. So can iconic brands be created 100% online in the future? With no real touchy, feely mega experiences?

If boys like to hang out with boys at bars and drink beer, can that experience ever get virtual & still make happy beer bellies?

Technology is so refreshing that compressing it as we do into what is loosely termed digital media makes a mountain into a molehill. Bundling all these amazing developments into what ensures overwhelming experiences for consumers may change the expectations & hype around cyber space. So that it is used in India’s adland to really harness the power it be. Offline/Online and such words that create silos be damned.

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  1. Fantastic music. Butler is an australian. The need to create experiences is an old story. What i find useful is how the digital world needs to combine with this experiential world to make it a success. We say lets use digital and forget about real life. The point is the experience in real life often haunts in our dreams. That’s what stays in memory. Have you done something like this for your brands?

    • freshbrew team |

      We are in the process of doing something that amalgamates, for a couple of brands we work on. If the silos of digital etc are patched up together then the effort is quite seamless. It requires partner support and belief that effectiveness doesn’t come from evaluating the parts, like advertising, b-t-l, etc. Not yet implemented but definitely in the wings

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