500 million & counting: Here’s raising a toast to the new digital language

For addicts & enemies of Facebook, it is time to simply stare and wonder. Connectivity never got this mega. As of July 21st, 2010 this networking destination had all of 500 million people as members. I remember just a couple of years ago discussing the prospect of launching an Indian social networking site. There were other sites in pockets of the world, populated by specific countries etc. Data proved that the potential was vast. So a dedicated Indian networking site was inevitable. But in no time, Facebook became a pièce de résistance in the lives of many across the world. What worked? Maybe in the beginning all the crazy games did. Then along came photo albums, tagging, virtual gifts, bookshelf, drinks, text twirl, vampires etc. All the stuff that eventually got mundane, just brought in loads of people at the start. Delight was the operative word.

But if I have to talk about the deal clincher for me, it was really connecting with my buddies from my 1st job (my alma mater), my school & college. They were all around the world and nothing beats a blast from the past. For many others, it really became the Times Square of the virtual world. Where everyone descended all day long.

What was interesting was that, each of us had some story about how Facebook got to us. And that is what’s being touted as the celebratory application, created for reaching the milestone of 500 million. Facebook Stories. Launched, to let you tell your own sweet & sour story with Facebook.


Here’s another version of their success analyzed by Mashable

Courtesy: Mashable

Now here’s something to think about. Most of us have about 200+ facebook buddies. Are all active? Out of that 500 million how many are awake? How many are fast asleep? How many wake up on their birthday? How many are only playing farmville? How many wake up on your birthday? It’s interesting. On a random check of about 200 odd profiles of a few friends/colleagues/teens, I found some very real trends.

•    Not more that 15-20% are actively interacting on a day to day basis

•    Not more than 25-28% wake up on your birthday

– If you are popular, loved, important, a role model…then 30-35% of your buddies will awaken to make your birthday special

•    Facebook fan pages have the real big following.

– City & Community pages abound

•    Daughters, if they start facebooking young, are quite comfortable letting their Mom’s onto their buddy list

– It’s the case of not having encountered the naughty world yet, hence nothing to hide

•    Most regulars, wax and wane on their status updates sometimes, just to see reactions of fellow buddies.

Of course there is more. Do a random check and there will be loads of data that will make you laugh. Oh! What a sucker you’ve been. But it’s been worth the while.

6 years and 500 million customers, makes Facebook a brand that definitely deserves the hall of fame. I am waiting to catch the movie. Hey! I thought books were made into movies! Oh! Silly me. It’s Face book after all.

The Social Network: Coming this October


Trailer 2

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  1. I second Apurva. Also, I believe we’re living in a time that requires a lot of seemingly unproductive web browsing, which to the conscious self seems like a waste of time; while in truth, we’re transacting on levels we’re not even aware of.

    • freshbrew team |

      When Facebook does finally allow for serious brand interventions, I wonder if it will stay the haven for most populi. Then the definition of ‘waste’ will be the very world that seemed a delight. It’s just the case of control shifting sides. But yes, it pays to be webbed.

  2. As John Lennon said,”Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted.”
    This is Facebook.

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