Can India get real(ly) activ?

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  1. Hi Sandhya

    I guess most of us fall for the marketeer’s ‘wisdom’. Such as cigarettes make you cool. Or colas are a good vitality drink. Great for treating heartburn and general weakness.

    Sorry to state that juices (eventually) fall in there too. Juices are terrible for our body systems. It’s high glycaemic index forces the body to go on overdrive gushing insulin like a geyser within minutes of its consumption. Over time, it causes obesity (yes) and other health related problems. You see monkeys didn’t have a squeezer. So they ate the whole fruit… which was just fine. Till we civilized ourselves :-)

    There is a flip side though. As one of Cadbury’s ex-Chairman complained. Chocolates are good for you as long as you exercise. If you sit on your butt the whole day and then criticize the one piece of chocolate you had for causing you to become obese then the problem is not the chocolate.

    Notwithstanding any of above, i belong to the anti-juice brigade. But Bips is hot enough does make you want to drink it anyways.

    • freshbrew team |

      Hi Yogesh. Yes, I can see a strong anti-juice bias here. I like that marketeer’s wisdom part. But for most folks who do juice up their day, the facts with No Added Sugar juices may be worth considering. To begin with the communication above shows it as a cola & unhealthy snack substitute.

      Apparently, scientific research does not support the belief that consumption of No added sugar juices contributes to overweight problems in children or adults. In fact, research results indicate that intake of juices are linked with significantly higher intakes of nutrients including vitamin C, folate, potassium, magnesium with lower intakes of total fat, saturated fatty acids and added sugar.

      2005 Dietary Guidelines Advisory committee report states that, “with the exception of fiber, fruit juices provide substantial contributions to several vitamins and minerals”. Indicating that fruit juices excellently complement whole fruits as a part of healthy eating plan. i.e in our avatar as humans, as opposed to our simian ancestors.

      But of course Bipasha riding on the bicycle can’t be discounted. Maybe a subtle hint of a Real Activ juice+cycle diet!!!!


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