Privacy be damned! The new digital age of consumerism is delectable

I continue to be enthralled by the vivid future that Hollywood sci-fi has painted for years. Populating that scenario is TED and a host of other visionaries &  products that seem to imply, that the future will have virtual highways that will read me, my emotions, my desires and what not. Of course, a lot of it is dependent on how much of my DNA I am willing to part with. And when the awesomeness of this technology gets embedded into some product/brand, then words like privacy & personal space get their moment of glory. For scores of people, brands interacting with them outside of specially designed boxes, like when surfing the net or on television or while reading up , are labeled intruders of privacy. For many others, they are a welcome change.

Here are 2 videos that promise pure excitement. Watch it for the sheer treat of what’s coming. It’s a dream concept if it’s in  your control. Now imagine this in control of a brand, which therefore now controls your day to day life. Much like the 3rd video from the film ‘Minority Report’.

‘Sixth Sense’ by Pranav Mistry at TED (Part I)


‘Sixth Sense’ by Pranav Mistry at TED (Part II)


‘Minority Report’: John Anderton at the Mall


How did you feel? Did the concept stimulate you & did the scene from the film irritate you? Or did you enjoy both? If you experienced the latter, then you are possibly ready for ‘customization’ of a higher form. Where privacy & all such exclusive words be damned.

I am reminded of a recounting of the previous day by Arthur Dent, in ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1979)’. It goes like this: ‘He had found a Nutri-Matic machine which had provided him with a plastic cup  filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. The way it functioned was quite interesting. When the Drink button was pressed it made an instant but  highly detailed examination of the subject’s taste buds, a spectroscopic analysis of the subjects metabolism and then sent tiny experimental signals down the neural pathways to the taste centres of the subject’s brain to see what was likely to go down well’.

Ok! We knew it was coming and I think we were quite prepared for it. New technologies were predicted way back and it’s a matter of time before we have our own ‘real time’ version of, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’. Being at a nascent stage, this new world is less often an intrusion. We are in the ‘Discovery state’ of the category life cycle. It is delightful. It is also personal yet so social. And the youth of the world possibly know just this version of life. Imagine today a driver deprived of GPS or then no networking tools or the termination of virtual greeting cards. Possibly in this new ‘Era of Comfort’, privacy is really among fellow members of your facebook id. Among the networked collective folks. It is not about you alone in your private zone anymore or even groups of individuals. Which is not a bad idea after all. Man has forever been a social animal and this new technology spruced up world is merely proof of that.

What triggered off these musings was really this video & the dichotomy in the comments I read elsewhere.


This was the launch of iAd by iPhone. Technology creation is surely the delight here & will be the edge in the future. I thought it was cool really. We do have the world in our pocket. And the new digital age of consumerism does make life a lot more easy come, easy go. What do you think?

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