Can brands be choreographed to Sun Signs & Planets?

When reading a magazine, often inadvertently your hand flips many pages to arrive at today’s, this week’s and this month’s tarot reading. Soon a ring with a pleasing stone slips into your finger. Precious stones hide in crevices of bags. Planets define journeys.

India for years gave in to the power of the black hole and was prepared to face any onslaught by shielding herself from the very occurrence. Thanks to astrology and the planets.

However, today this trend is visible across the world. In a small but expensive golf town called St. Andrews in Scotland during my shopping moments, I encountered a corner store with karmic stones. The advertising professed authenticity and benefit readings. Surely, Karma & Golf make great holes in your wallet. Feng Shui  another buzzword in the Western/Eastern Hemisphere is a big draw too.

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So is all of the world superstitious or simply of the agreement that science is not the only credible truth?

Whichever way, product sales abound. Why is it then brands haven’t encashed on this trend? Say, colors of apparels worn or painted on walls or then stones in jewelery or the kind of food eaten… could also change the destiny of the person. Brands could pick any story from the ‘unexplored mysteries’ of the universe & our beliefs to build compelling brand stories. For example: Take the 5 elements of nature and juxtapose them against fragrances sold. Build the scent around the personality of the person as defined by the element and simply dictate the best notes. Now the specific fragrance will typify the owner, conjure feelings, hence capture value with some deep-rooted emotional story.

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A typical Archies Gallery has date-wise sunsign based ‘Happiness codes’. A big draw, it surprises every day with a quote that makes you sometimes introspect, sometimes heave a sigh of relief etc. Beer/Arline brand Kingfisher’s Annual Bikini Calender can use the same concept of sun signs & in some vicarious way get women who are a perfect foil for the male in that sunsign, to project their seductive style in the calendar, month wise. So it’s a Linda Goodman meets the Kingfisher bikini models meets the salivating eager male customer. Interesting if you can see the possibilities.

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  1. Brands do rigorously follow vastu colors. Once such brand is ICICI, but of-course for their own business purpose. ICICI is very particular about their house colors used in communication across all elements. They will never ever move out of that electric orange, maroon & sometimes yellow shades. Even if there is a baby in creative, it has to wear a orange diaper. But customising services as per individual’s sunsign! not much brands would agree to it. eg: Acer been a brand moving forward in technology would find it rather difficult to explain on why they would customise product on bases of sunsign and planets.
    But yes there are group social creatures out on this planet who would welcome this idea with open arms.

    • Hi Emad. I do know that a few corporate logos of especially entrepreneur led business are evaluated for right vibes etc. But wouldn’t it be fun to do a fit of apparel styles & sun signs etc? It’s a trend in our day to day life, so why not ride the wave for brands too?!!

  2. Why not. You must include clairvoyant sea life too. We are indisputably turning to the other world for guidance & success. I seem to understand the need for such predictions. Possibly our lack of patience or then just our need for certainty. 2012, inception were future ready. So why not brands? Brands engineered to change your destiny is not a new one but this process definitely is.

    • Richard, it seems like a lucrative business deal alright. A few years back when I was working on a color cosmetics brand, a similar story was created using colors (lipstick/nail polishes) & sun signs. It was a fun experience for many women apparently.

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