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As I start to write this post at sundown on a wet Sunday, I can’t help but wonder how specific ‘days of the week’ have overtaken the lives of many. Song writers, an entire base of working populi, sports channels and the rest. Isn’t it interesting how we sync the waxing and waning of our moods across the week, to our work-life schedules! And it pretty much is reflected in the relationship we have, with a specific day in the week. Honestly, no other day evokes the elation of a Friday or the impending doom of a Monday. Makes for good brand ideas, both product and advertising. And makes for some memorable songs too.

Lets start with the most recent advertisement for ESPN. It makes the beginning of the week, Monday, just a little more bearable.



How about rewinding a couple of years to a very relevant ‘unbearable Monday’ moment. When you hated going to work. You possibly still do if you haven’t found the right job. said so & created an epic like feel with its execution.


Now, flashback to a time when things were not very different. Circa 1986. A music video echoed the voices of scores of Monday morning risers

Bangles: Manic Monday


All worked from the same insight and brought their own unique twist into the ‘awww it’s a Monday’ moment.

Contrast that with Friday, and I see a glaring example of freedom. Letting your inhibitions down. The feeling of life looking up at the end of the week.

About 15 years ago, I remember a product concept created by erstwhile Madura Garments, which then became iconic in defining our Friday wardrobe. Friday Dressing by Allen Solly

Allen Solly: 1990s

Broke the conventional, grays and blacks that ruled offices. It asked everybody to loosen up. And there emerged a Friday moment that was carefully casual, exciting & a bit of a tease as it welcomed the much desired weekend.

Of course it has been followed up adequately today by Goldspot with their song that eulogizes Friday.

Goldspot: Today is Friday


Mondays & Fridays. The two most amazing days that work like chalk & cheese.

Then not to be outdone, came the other days of the week and their stories were created with really little significance to moods or behaviour.

Tuesday was a musical note before it became a gastronomic delight :

Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday


And ‘A Wednesday’ caught me unawares. Incidentally I watched the movie on the very same day and was tempted to check beneath the seat in the theatre.

So what about Thursday? Except for a song here and there it hasn’t made it to the advertising, song or brand archives. So time to create a Thursday myth, friends.

Finally come the coveted two days of the week. The weekend.

Saturday was made unforgettable by John Travolta & Beegees

And Sunday had its fair share of drama.

The most peaceful day of the week, had some catastrophic implications if you were listening to an Irishman.

U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday


So that covers the 7 days of the week & the myths created around them. Honestly, I meant to talk about just Monday & Friday, but somehow the entire week came tumbling out.

It’s inspiring.

So I guess it’s time now for a quick scan of fruits & their significance in our lives. Besides ofcourse their vitamin infusions & other health tags. Apple, Mango, Orange, Blackberry, Banana (Republic) anyone??

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  1. Good one Sandhya. I particularly find the ESPN & Monster adverts relevant to day movements. With U2 the shock value is the only constant…his heart sings. So sunday is bloody alrite. It is of emotional significance definitely for bono.

  2. Life seems to be meaningful now………earlier all days were like blank……very fresh post….

  3. Very interesting Sandhya…. Though Friday and Thursday have been branded since your biblical days ( Good Friday & Maundy Thursdays ) brands I guess have looked at taking the rest of the days and spinning a story around them and have been quite interesting and some of them are good case studies like your Allen Solly which created a category out of Friday Dressing…

    thinking on the same lines do we have anything for January,February,March etc …….:)

    • So true Anbu. Ofcourse there is Ash Wednesday & Easter Sunday too. I have seen Vodafone use ‘days of the week’ to create engagement over many months. Vodafone Movie Tuesdays I think. It’s a good way to pepper up sales or create excitement.

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