Quod me nutrit, me destruit: Content vs. Time in the digital age

Time is finite. Content infinite. The divaesque status of the virtual space is that the content keeps coming. Refreshing, Inspiring, Connecting, Shocking, Entertaining… The impact of content in this space is limitless. Ask any disaster management team and they will rave about the instant damage control that technology, specifically the internet & mobile telephony enables.  A couple of years back an American student found his way out of an Egyptian jail when he tweeted a single word, ‘Arrested!’. The message helped him network with his contacts who helped him out. Great way to rouse a movement. I wonder what Mahatma Gandhi or Matin Luther King could have done with such possibilities.

The ‘tickle and I’ll sneeze’ effect of this world, makes us so wired that it can be overwhelming how much there is to absorb & what all you can do with it. It’s an integral part of life in many world communities today and in India it’s slowly getting there. But are we as a culture really lapping it up?

Many of us are amazed. This is a toy that has changed our lives. Many of us are forced to adopt it. Many use it cautiously. Many are in love with it. Many also ask for ‘space’ from it. That’s the emerging flipside of the new era of fat pipes. In conversations, I realized there exists a bunch of people who wish to live with it, rather than be driven by it. Reality is, there is a lot our brain can absorb, but so much MORE that our body wants to do.

Starting with the morning news the mobile occupies most waking hours with business, entertainment and an information deluge. So do we enjoy our breakfast or are we checking the stock prices? Holidays in exotic resorts (after paying a fortune for 4 members of the family) is lost between discovery of the place and discovery of some crisis at work. Switch off the phone and our inaccessibility makes us redundant. I am sure most people have a transaction with their Blackberrys (a necessary evil but a life saver) BUT they love their Apple ipod (ignore the iphone for a moment).

Imagine for a while that  you are by yourself, just about to go para jumping and a facebook update on your mobile tucked away in your rucksack beeps. It’s your girlfriend & she’s got news. Update shows change of status from: ‘In a relationship’ to ‘It’s complicated’. Am sure you’ll enjoy the jump!

Samsung Galaxy – Full Version


Samsung Galaxy – At Work


Wi-fi has made the inaccessible moments of life, so up close. Cafes, airport lounges and in some cases aircrafts too are wired up. Wi-fi your home, and the bedroom & bathroom is the final frontier to fall prey. It’s undoubtedly a fight to the finish, but I wonder how human relationships would change, when we become slaves to this new world. The fact is, what can be fun, enrich you & create amazing experiences, can also cause your downfall/ corner/demolish you. (translated from the Latin phrase stated above) Coffee anyone? Expressoblack.com I guess!! Time to visit a virtual café.

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  1. struck a chord this one…. i honestly once thought of having a boxing gym with blackberry dummies as the target….

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