Is it about Creating Expectations OR Managing Expectations?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the post. I like all the videos specially the Fair And Handsome one.

  2. This reminds me of Avis’ famous slogan – ‘We try harder’. They made managing expectations a core part of what the brand stood for,and in their case, being No.2 worked to their benefit. So I would agree that fighter brands do better at managing expectations than leader brands, and for sure being No.1 means always being on guard for the evil of complacency setting in.

    • freshbrew team |

      I think holding customers has become most difficult & important that gaining new ones. Managing expectations makes such sense there. Both for No.2 & No.1. Avis got away smartly…

  3. True Sandy as communication practitioners we need to look at constantly engaging with our consumers.From that perspective I guess Creating & Managing Expectations is going to play a key role in the growth of brands. Sometimes we just focus on creation that we miss the fact that all we need to do is to keep things simple and be in touch with the consumer. Your CRM etc tries to do that in a certain way. But this also borders on being a little pushy and tend to fall in the creation space….. I think the key to this is brands need to Listen to consumers. In this process of creation somewhere the Listening gets diluted and Talking takes over. As somebody said “When you Listen you have the advantage.When you talk others have it “. For Brands specially in this cluttered media it makes sense to Listen

    • freshbrew team |

      Thanks Anbu…Good to hear from you. I do agree listening is special & the most difficult thing in life too.

      However the intention when managing expectations is not to be aggressive. It is really to ensure that brands don’t ever sadden their owners or let them down. So if we can listen like we try in so many relationships, possibly the ’surprises’ would always stay pleasant.

  4. Brilliant write up! Managing a brand’s expectation can sometimes be more gruesome than creating one.

    This reminds of a case where at one point of time Nokia had surpassed consumer expectations and now, as a brand, cannot provide that.


    • freshbrew team |

      Thanks Jinesh. Complacency occurs suddenly & it grows just as fast. Possibly fighter/challenger brands keep their spirits high for long. Does it then pay to be a fighter or a leader? I wonder.

  5. nice one Sandy..we need to remind our selves this all the time

  6. Enjoyed the read. Managing expectations gets even more critical when safety standards are in question. Toyota is a case to ruminate on. The sugar rush most marketeers have is maintained by the investment in advertising and promotion to keep brand push. Little do product brands realise that it turns into expenditure when a crisis hits. Reality is most classical marketeers follow the stimulus-response practice. Come crisis/Push expectation mgmt button. I suppose AIG just didnt read the books.

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