Is ‘mid-life crisis’ only a MALE thing?

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  1. Sandy I just have a few stray thots. Where does the 7 year itch(and as a corollary the taking up of a far younger member of the opposite sex as a partner) figure in the whole mid-life crisis situation? For the man and increasingly even for the woman? My perception was (and I have no research to back this up) that the acquisition bug rears its ugly head in the male (and therefore the younger mate or the shiny Porsche) battling with mid life crisis. I’m not sure how the woman deals with it – whether it is self indulgence (a la L’oreal) or comfort with herself or being an alpha female who revisits her youth.
    Am I even on the right track here?

    • freshbrew team |

      Totally Farah. I agree with you. I would suspect that for both genders ‘Alpha’ is the operative word.

  2. Now this is in continuation of self-help books that help men understand women & vice versa. The venus/mars fever stays. It just gets more rigid and pronounced with time. I find some definitions of target customers quite nonsensical. Every one wants teens to love their produce too. I think this is quite a lesson. Gender divide stays. Be it teens or older customers. US/Japan markets have a very clear demarcation between teen attitude n their senior counterparts. China is just showing some differences. I would think subdued or energetic insights of what you shared above may be relevant for teens too. So in reality the crisis starts at teenage.

    • Good to hear from you Richard. Crisis moments are always lurking, waiting for brands to pick them up. Desperate to be resolved!!!!

      But the patterns are pretty much the same. Be it a young adult or a mature householder.

      I think we need to be less prejudiced and more exploratory in attitude, to find the differences as age progresses.

  3. In this new world where Men and Women don’t ‘behave their age’ , brand managers need to re-look at the brand propositions and even the engagement strategy. A very interesting perspective as usual. Thanks Sandhya.

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