Making of the ‘Amateur Star’

Thanks to social media, flickr, reality shows, blogs and zillions of other new stop-overs, our species have started to discover the creative side lurking within. It doesn’t even matter how good or excellent one is at it. What matters is one is up there, out there and people are rooting for that winning moment. So we see budding dancers, singers, TV stars, VJs, DJs, photographers, fashion diva hopefuls, all risking their pride to take a chance at success.

World is a stage & I am a player too
The good thing about this is that most participants have stopped being afraid or conscious of being on the offline or online stage. It’s a ride, so giddyap and enjoy it. Not just a trend among kids & youth, even families come on shows, mothers-in-law in tow, to dedicate one episode for posterity. Uploading ones videos on anything funny, daring, intelligent etc also comes easy. And shy is a thing of the past.


Total Rehaul for Total Recall
A glance at the participants on many music contests, from Fame Gurukul (SAB TV/2006) to SaReGaMaPa (Zee TV) and several other shows, will reveal a distinct before-after. From demeanor to personality to apparel worn, the change is unmistakable in the transformation from entry to the final round . 12 year olds are mega rock stars, complete with jean-jacket and a dance entourage to match. It’s not just a music competition, it’s a live performance akin to that of an adult performer. Chrysalis to butterfly is a much desired rite of passage.


I believe I can fly
For every starry eyed one, there is some show to express one’s talent. It could start with friends, neighbours, family etc showing appreciation of a simple hobby or a self discovery sometimes. That gives the confidence to get before the camera. Scores of eliminations later, episode after episode there are people trying their hand at anything they believe they are even reasonably good at. Whether it is for single event or as a platform to making it big. Lack of excellence doesn’t deter them. One go at it is a must. Luck by chance?

Democratization to elect your new king/queen
What’s most compelling though that rises above all the aforementioned traits, is the process of voting and the mass populi appeal that swings things often. Be it in the digital space where several photography trialists have left their mark or on Star Plus Perfect Bride which chose its first bride after a final round of public voting. Thereby making it so much larger than the kudos by a panel of experts. For the participants, there is an element of both the inner & the outer world here. Self pride & social pride. Self belief & social acknowledgment.

It surely is changing the texture of life and breaking the boundaries laid out by our social structures. Be it for children, mothers, parents, families, single men/women, girl next door, bathroom singers. Fomenting a psyche that’s is also influencing today’s India in a positive way.

It’s creating many ‘Amateur Stars’ who are bundled together by some transition points in their lives such as:

Whatever the trigger these Amateur Stars are inspiring many others across age, economic & social class to change their destiny. In the past cities were credited with having the Midas Touch. Today more than fortune, ‘fame and recognition’ is the new benchmark. And this budding mass talent, finds its new destination city in the satellites, fat pipes & frequency modes.

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  1. There have always been people who want to show off their talents to the world, but opportunity has always been in short supply. One can tell from the kinds of responses popular TV reality shows are getting at their auditions. But hey, one fine morning, they found out something called youtube. Things won’t be the same anymore! Now they broadcast themselves. Here’s an example. :)

  2. Hi Sandhya. No one is afraid of being in the spotlight. In fact whether it makes for famous or infamous news, many Indians are embracing television cameras as if they were personal camcords. But from my knowledge most of towns in India love this ’show & tell’ more than the elite. The fact is customer eulogizing is a must and even a whiff of their participation means, TRPs

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