Paris, je t’aime ~ With Brand Paris you can’t help but fall in love

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  1. Vivid portrayal of Paris. Très bien romancé.

    Sandy, to answer your question, the Incredible India Campaign has managed to create what it set out to – a sense of intrigue and curiosity amongst those who haven’t visited, and tingling goosebumps for natives. People abroad are extremely curious to know what life in India is like, although, I’m not sure if everyday life in India is as dramatic and vibrant as our ads have made it out to be.

    Strangely, just the other day in downtown Toronto, I saw a tour bus covered with an Incredible India poster,and smiled to myself.

  2. Not surprised that Paris brings out the romance from everyone who has visited there. Despite the traffic jams which have become the bane of every big city across the world, Paris has maintained its calmness. Maybe it is the people, the quaint cafes by the roadside or the weather. Paris – je t’aime undoubtedly :)

    • Absolutely Nanda.

      Did you say traffic jams? Strange how I didn’t notice any!!!!

      What I loved was the way people mirrored their land. I saw that in Amsterdam & Bali too.

      I often think of tourism campaigns and their experiences when you finally reach the land. I wonder how Incredible India fares in that light.

  3. After reading this very beautiful and sensory piece of writing, I must say- Je vais à Paris

    • Thank you Apurva. It came from the heart, so I guess the senses are bound to react. I find the common thread that runs through most of Paris enchanting. Also as an advertising student, I can’t help but notice how carefully this personality has been nurtured. So as a foreigner my perception of the city matched with what I experienced live. City & country brands face a challenge always as their communication often doesn’t match with reality

      A lot also depends on the residents and how they have absorbed the personality / culture codes, to treat it like their own.

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