‘Return to Innocence’ can be a new brand speak!

I know I am doing a bit of detour on the sound bytes I may have given, on conversations with brands. But I can’t help but wonder and share this genuine concern from a true advertising student. Look around and you can rarely see the natural beauty in most Indian metros. It isn’t that the cities are populated with buildings or construction but hoardings, kiosks, live outdoor…It’s like each one is fighting for attention through the 1 hour journey from home to office & vice versa. But honestly, the brain can absorb only a fraction of it all despite repeat viewing everyday of the drive.

Is there some fatigue creeping in? Much of it lies in the inertia of brand custodians to look at a more practical approach to conversations with the consumer. The CWG 2010 opening ceremony that was telecast through a single window took away the joy of watching it live. Because of simply the 20 minute long commercial breaks. With repeats. I still enjoyed the show and felt immensely proud, but the telecast ensured that the pleasure simply didn’t grow on you. Be it the mobile, any recreation stopover, boarding pass, website I access or then the daily newspaper…the last one particularly has become less news & more paper.

Makes me wish that brands high on steroids, just take a break. Especially the ones who appear as short duration commercials within breaks of 15 minutes. After a point the message turns into a flat note, that doesn’t elevate or surprise me. So is it time for us as dutiful custodians to return the brand to its days of innocence? Re-look at the media plan & the concept of 360 planning and such other mantras?

Should we start a movement to bring the magic back by playing hide & seek?

Or just change the ‘real’ tone of voice to ’surreal’?

Or then ask a musician to make a music video that’s atleast entertaining?

Maybe just suddenly change a few hoardings on a stretch of the highway to make me laugh? A very potent wake up call…

Or have a shock-me event like the Burger King Whopper Freakout!!!

Think about it. Many relationships between couples also go through this phase of troughs…boredom…being taken for granted. Diffusing this fatigue is critical for freshness & attention.

On this note, here’s sharing the video that inspired the title. Enjoy.

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  1. Sandy reading through this post I remember reading this book ” Truth, Lies & Advertising ” widely regarded as one of the best books on Account Planning by Jon Steel. Somewhere in that he writes about a study done in 1990 by the Economist that on an average the no of messages that the American consumer is exposed to was about 3000. This is way back in 1990. I am sure if one were to extrapolate that to 2010 it would be a whopping figure with the emergence of the Internet etc. He also describes that consumers have developed mental deflector shields that prevents them from taking unwanted communication. He says while advertising appears everywhere with monotonous regularity it often fails to make the necessary connections and goes on to say that If advertising were to be a person using projective technique it would be a person with a very low sperm count.

    • freshbrew team |

      Thanks Anbu…I enjoyed Jon Steel and I always recommend it to any one who believes he is all in to build brands.

      Honestly, I am sure many of us have that deflector shield. I know I do. So it’s a great start for me I guess, to work on getting myself interested to view the hoardings and ads that inundate me.

      I so totally like the projective technique results and I can see a direct link in it contributing to a fertile environment. For starters I just wish my mobile phone would stop beeping every half hour with wasted promos. Thank heavens I don’t have a BB


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