What is your purpose statement?

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  1. Very well written!!

    Life begins with a purpose, the purpose to be. In this quest for being, we create an identity. An identity, that’s unique, that’s us. Those who leave footprints in the sand & imprints on the mind are those, who add a new facet to the prism of their being, every day. It becomes a purpose. The purpose is not to compete or stand apart, the purpose is to evolve & contribute. But in doing so, they do stand apart and go far beyond competition.

    In the evolutionary stages, an identity that does not confirm to a benchmark is usually mocked & ridiculed. That is the test of your purpose to be true to yourself. If confirmation, acceptance & competition be the driving force – you may go just so far. But if self-evolution & self-improvement be the cornerstones of your existence – you will be known, you will be remembered.

    That was Human Resources, but I’m sure it would be the same with Brands.

    • freshbrew team |

      Thanks much. I quite like the allusion to HR and I agree totally that both the internal & external face of the company/brand needs to speak one language. It is so critical today given that many employees often waft through their jobs without any ownership or passion…..Defining a corporate’s purpose & helping the employee do the same could go a long way in achieving common goals.

  2. Very provocative and pertinent. Its articulate in defining the only way to grow today. I think Zuckerberg possibly had ‘making millions’ as his purpose. Dont worry about the research blokes. The generalists are dying.

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