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  1. Well said. Who has the balls to implement it?

    • Sandhya Srinivasan |

      Ha Ha….Very practical question Richard. I guess when accountability is shared by the suits & creative champions.

      I’ve often seen that creative hot shops as they are loosely called, have a lot more desire to see brands win. They are both the creative & business manager packed into one. And respect both.

  2. Hi!

    Can we have more on “Being a customer first”?

    And a perspective on how the focus has shifted from “Attention Economy” to “Attraction Economy”…


    • Sandhya Srinivasan |

      Well ‘being a customer’ simply meant donning the hat as a buyer and not a suit or a copywriter. I once heard a strong negative comment about a brand assigned to a colleague, about its proposition & future prospects.

      After the ripping was done all I told her, was to create what she believed would convince her to buy the brand. If she could convert herself by clearing out her perceived negatives (possibly a reflection of the buyer too) then chances are the brand truly had good chance at re-launch. It worked.

      Attention Economy & Attraction Economy do overlap and yet are different. If I come from the consumer’s buying behavior and the frequent breaks between serials (joking), it seems like demanding one’s undiluted caged attention was the way to attract attention.

      The flip thanks to rehaul in media consumption habits makes it difficult to intervene. People have changed in the way they consume goods. They drive the growth. They don’t see themselves as consumers but stay-ahead professionals, teenage stylish 9-yr olds etc. So grabbing their attention by intruding may be getting difficult among some clusters of consumers.

      So like the peacock must strut to attract its mate without using chessy pick-up lines, the brand too must create an aura that attracts without being in your face. Many brands who have woven themselves in manage consistency well.

      I think Fastrack, Titan, Amway, Twitter…even Apple I’d say falls into this new economy speak. They have created fans without really being loud and brash.

      Hope it was an enjoyable perspective Sandeep…

  3. Very inspiring!

    The briefs have to start with a quantifiable BUSINESS OBJECTIVE viz. create 50000 new relationships in a month or even sell 10000 cars in a year.

    Then we need to figure out the BARRIER(s) that stand(s) amongst us and the objective.

    And then we think of the tool/device/insight/idea that would help us overcome the barrier.

    finally, we can arrive at what we/brand need to DO (and not say) to arrive at a business IDEA.

    Incidentally, the Apple commercial was bombed by FGDs conducted by client since it seemed dark and dingy and unlike the traditional brand launches, but they had the balls to still go ahead with it. The rest is history.

    • Sandhya Srinivasan |

      Hi Sandeep.

      Thank You…I would hope that as brand partners we can truly live what we believe in i.e if our brands win, we win. The barrier can only be outdated definitions of job profiles and closed minded partners within the agency.

      If we all came from a business orientation all the time, then all the insights we garner & all the creativity we have to offer, will have a clear destination. Growth.

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