When brands get festive

More than the fireworks, I have been hearing the sound of cash registers jingling over the last couple of weeks. The fervour was palpable in the last two days. For all the mini fests that happen through the year, by far Diwali evokes the highest excitement pan India where disproportionate money is spent on changing many things over. I love discounts of any kind…price offs, freebies, special offers with surprise gifts etc. And I am overwhelmed by the choice every Diwali.

What’s fun in the midst of all of this are the many brands that wish customers with very creative expressions of their Diwali gift. Over the years I have seen activity multiply during this period. Sales peak and so do the working hours. The mad scramble though is often in decoding what to say. Afterall Diwali has always been the festival of lights, about the abundance of prosperity, celebration of good over evil, ushering in of new….So how refreshing can a brand get?

There are two gifts brands offer at Diwali:

1. Premium Rewards for buying them (interesting, new products are a part of the offering too)

2. A delectable, new reason for buying them (brand gets seamlessly woven into the Diwali celebration)

The latter has been getting bigger in the recent past, is innovative in approach and creates smart opportunities for the brands’ long term relationship building. Sharing a few brands that have attempted this. Some may really be just for the fun of it & not immediately resulting in any traction, nevertheless their attempt is noteworthy.

CADBURY ~ The colossal effort of changing habits from the ghee soaked, yumminess of Indian sweets to chocolates at Diwali.


NIKON COOLPIX ~ Kodak moments has moved over to accomodate the camera that is the real culprit and moment stealer.


KURKURE ~ This is a fun one, but definitely joins the celebration. What’s Diwali without the right mix of sweet & salt?


PETER ENGLAND ~ The honest to goodness brand has turned a new leaf this Diwali


COKE ~ Does it even need to advertise? It’s obvious that celebrations are incomplete without thirst quenchers…especially when happiness is packed in every bottle


VODAFONE ~ All it did was offer its services with humor, instead of pre-recorded calls that are non-stop irritating


Am sure there are more. Just picked the few that caught my eye & that stayed on. Of course there are some brands that also celebrate through the year and have mini sales peaks through the quarters. I just love the jingle, so here it is. HAPPY DIWALI friends.

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  1. Natasha Mistry |

    Nice one Sandhya. It’s true that many brands have festivals signed on their master plan as just a way of riding the wave. It is most obviously sales time and why shouldn’t every one clamor for their pound of flesh. But then customers like that indulgence. They want that discount. And the freebies that accompany brands. In fact if all brands did was reward them during fests I think customers would be mighty pleased.
    No brand story and selling smart. Just pure and simple chance to win a holiday to Singapore while being assured of a bike. It has its merits.

    • Sandhya Srinivasan |

      Thanks Natasha. I honestly am always waiting for festivals offers, especially when I am refurbishing my home with high priced products. But given that as a natural fallout of most brands advertising at fests, the observation was merely taking a sneak peak at some bolder approaches.

      Those that have tried to present themselves by creating a clear festive role without the promos. Who would do that really? Is it foolish or just the power of brand pull thru irrespective of the prevailing mores, I don’t know as yet. But sounds interesting.

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