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I love the phrase & the song titled, ‘Pocket mein Rocket hai’. So very true given that our most valuable accessories are tucked in there. Wallets & wads of cash, car & house keys & the multipurpose phone-cum-camera-cum-emaildepot-cum-executive assistant… The last one particularly amazes me. And I am waiting to see the final frontier being crossed, with the phone being the single convergence point.

What piqued my interest a year ago and continues to excite me as I lap up the exciting world of technology, is how people have started building their lives around their phones. More accurately how it seems to multitask especially in making many other products redundant. As we all know, the smart phone is now a camera too. Whenever, wherever you need it to be. It just lets you enjoy the moment and is around when you want to imprint a story to your physical memory.

Right from Nokia’s N8 that boasts of a 16GB internal storage with a 12MP camera, to the iPhone 4 with a 5MP spec and scores of image correction and management apps & even the desi Micromax A60 (Droid version) which is powered by a 3.2 MP camera with auto-focus, the average boy next door has a beautiful memory maker in his hands.

A little more on the Nokia N8 should get you gasping. Here it is: It’s camera has Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and can shoot HD video, that you can edit using the ‘built-in editing suite.’ It has the biggest sensor that one can find in a mobile phone, which is even bigger than those found in many digital cameras. This sensor, when combined with the high-end optics will provide top-notch pictures and also enable the camera to function perfectly in low-light conditions. The size of the sensor will also improve speed and balance and eliminate the need for image processing, according to Nokia.

Imagine the possibilities, being an owner of this or any other camera (phone).

It doesn’t end here I am sure. There are many exaltation moments that makes your pocket partner a crackling accessory. For starters it makes you vain. I have a friend who has her visage (face) collection from an overuse of the camera phone on herself. A recent article I read had this interesting quote, “…I have 40 photo apps on my iPhone — it’s like having 40 different cameras with you all the time”. If that’s not hinting at getting the spotlight on you what will?

Here are some pictures I shot on my iPhone a while ago. I loaded them on my facebook with a few other pictures I took on my SLR….and I am not exaggerating but they got truck loads of plaudits. Of course there is some work done to make it intriguing and the title to each picture evoked even more curiosity. Nevertheless it was my maiden attempt with my phone. I enjoyed every moment.

iPhone Album

How addicted are you to pressing the camera trigger on your phone? Would love to see some pictures you have taken on your phone and are mighty proud of. Do share your masterpieces. And while you are at it, say cheese when you talk please.

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  1. Sandhya Srinivasan |

    Thank you Shriya & Sanjeev. Amateur photographers rock.

  2. Nice pictures Mademoiselle;);)!

  3. You shoot fine subjects. Makes your camera look good. My life is my phone. Camera, navigator everything. I have also noticed many who share photos on facebk as novices and they are worthy of comments. Isn’t it simply about the star in us. And nothing is impossible couldn’t be any more real.

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