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  1. If we were to compare mythological descriptions, then any day India would match up to any other. There is a magic to India that cannot be denied.

    But for any ancient canvas to be projected as a showcase to the outside, we need `space’. By that I mean physical tangible space (where people are not stepping on each other’s toes), which will give birth to mental space (where creative thought processes begin), and emotional space where you feel content enough to make another feel loved & welcomed.

    Any country which scores in showcasing itself has managed a fair share of tangible, open, physical space. That explains the countryside, the beaches, the villas, the streets, the plazas, the large expanses etc.

    India has none of it. We never worked towards it, or maybe we never had a chance. But, being in cramped up places (houses, buildings, offices, roads, streets, malls…) all the time, and having less than your fair share of `space’ has worked itself into our psyche. Our mind & emotions are as shrunken as the bodily space available to us. That would reflect in behaviour, attitude, thinking…

    So, maybe we need to work on the outside to change the inside. Then India can surely live up to its mythical magical image.

    • Sandhya Srinivasan |

      Irony isn’t it!! While we are so rich in our philosophies neither are we enriched from the inside to change the outside nor are we impacted by the dirt & deprivation we see on the outside. Not to say that isn’t changing. There are scores of people who are taking many small steps. So while am keeping the optimism intact, India surely still needs a lot to change.

      It’s a coincidence I guess when you talk about expanses, because I have been chatting with a few victims (if I could call them that) of the real estate boom. Especially the ones who bought homes which turned cluttered colonies. They were also meant to have gardens/childrens parks etc. They laugh at the incredulous promises made by developers & lament too at their decision. So people want it, but who is giving?

  2. Wonderful Sandhya. Back after a tsunami & revolutions changing world order. I couldnt agree more on Greece. But their tardiness shows.
    Economics is linked to aggression. And maybe aggression is not linked to hospitality. Which is what they show. So it is a Catch-22 situation.

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