REdiscovering REliving REnewing

The power of ‘RE’ is always heartening. There is a ring of a rising, like a Phoenix from the ashes, the resurrection of the son of God, the resuscitation given to live life with a lot more wisdom. Somehow ‘RE’ gives us the knowledge of the past with the guidance to live wisely in the future.

As we REembellish our navigation & home page at freshbrew and start our incessant chattering all over again, here’s a look at the expectation that ‘RE’ brings.

At the start ‘RE’ is something I’ve learnt I cannot live without. The ‘undo’ button on every program pretty much has spoilt me. So much so that I mentally UNDO, every time something untoward happens in the real world. Now how many of us are victims to that??!

As we see it, it’s really about the ability & the stamina to explore all over again. Bring in a fresh perspective. Seasons do it all the time. I once watched a lovely film titled ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring’ by S Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk. It presents the cycle of renewal merely as a necessary process & some cultures accept it comfortably as the cycle of life.

A holiday is like that too. There is so much of travel done vicariously through books, others’ pictures, material that you’ve fussed over for months’, maybe years. So finally when one does go on a holiday, there is a mental REDO of everything that you may already know of.  Experiences are felt live and it’s more enriching than the many pages & posts that got you excited in the first place.

A relationship too, owes a lot to the power of rediscovery. The magic of courtship when captured again & again makes the good feelings last long. Who wouldn’t want that? Good feelings are great to have around. I have met a few couples who just count surprises (pleasant of course) at finding something new in each other, as an ingredient to a keeping it ‘like a courtship’ forever.

Well you could argue about the debilitating power of ‘RE’ too. Like ‘rewind’ that carries nostalgia with it. You must agree that one must acknowledge the past to build the future. So ‘rewind to renew’ works alright for most of us.

We are charged up for the ‘RE’.

So here’s serving up some fresh mugs from the brewery. Lot more to expect…lots of new to share. As I write this I can’t help but post something I saw in an ad break on CNN, at this very moment.  A commercial by Hyundai…and their sign off that said ‘New Thinking. New Possibilities’. Need I say more!

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  1. Welcome back. The REturn is really REfreshing .The only time I guess business & marketers gets scared of RE is when its REcession.

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