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  1. I agree.

    Allow me to fall back on my favorite theme of human behavior. Brands & people signify similar things. If one refers to consumer behavior in a marketing context, the other refers to human behavior in a relationship context.

    Free-bees are always from the initiator’s perspective. This is what I’m going to give you if you live up to my expectations. This is what I think you deserve if you stay loyal to me & contribute to my brand image.

    The 1st couple of times, free-bies make you smile because of that something extra that you get; but once you observe the link that says `conditions apply’, free-bies lose their charm. What you are getting may not be what you want.

    In a relationship context, it may translate as a phone-call, or a gift, or a holiday – because you have just done something so nice that you deserve to be appreciated. But, fact remains, the appreciation is conditional.

    Delite-bees on the other hand are simply given to you for just being yourself, for just being there. It just says we are so happy that you’re part of us, and we hope you will continue to delight us with your presence. It doesn’t matter if you don’t give us anything in the moment, but for all that you have given us, we love you.

    In a relationship context, it may translate as an unexpected moment of gentleness, or tenderness, or concern, or tangible demonstration of emotions – at a time when you may have done nothing special to deserve it; or better still, at a time when you may not be feeling or even looking your best.

    Free-bees are more like wasps, you have to chase them way after a while. Delite-bees are those honey-bees that can create nectar in any flower.

    • Thanks Anu. It made for a very interesting read. I really enjoyed the ‘bee’ family allusion too.

      The thing with freebees is that we are somehow suckers for it. I dont know if we would really let go, but yes at some stage, (if done often) the value slips in our heads. But we still love it.

      Delitebees grows on you. And we miss it when we dont have it. From a marketing practice POV i think it would work mostly with high value products & services.

      Somewhere, it is also a transaction I guess wrapped in honey & cream. It is like the difference between these two pick up lines …’Would you go to bed with me’ & ‘Your body is a wonderland’. Both work. Just depends on how hot the one who propositions is!!!!

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