Optimistic Storytelling

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  1. btw I like the brewer’s pic u have picked

  2. For someone like me, far removed from marketing, I loved all those insights into brands & ads. What struck a chord was `fairytale flights of fantasy’ – yes, I think we all need to take that flight every once in a while, in every walk of life; and any ad that takes me there & leaves me with a smile on my face – works for me.

    • Sandhya Srinivasan |

      In that light I had quite liked an ad by Hippo…it was about eradicating bhook (hunger in a pun intended way for bribes, milawat etc). They had done it in a way that got you smiling but them you could label it as a category that works best with a laugh here & there. Snacking can’t get serious you know. We try as much as is possible & I will used a oft used quote stated by famed practitioner from my ilk i.e. people enjoy it when there is a ’suspension of disbelief’. Cheers to that.

  3. Love the post :) I’m all for rose tinted glasses :) hope our little contribution to happiness through brands makes it to the light of day !

  4. I am sure Hidden has gone out of business already. The poor guys were possibly just creating a customer base. And one eventful movie like episode turned counter productive.
    Good storytelling needs you to run out of ideas. Fantasies are not for the rational or creative thinker. But simple unfettered visualizers. Doesnt matter whether they are copywriters or art directors. Ideas have put them into bulbs that blind.

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