Who you idolize is who you don’t become!!

It isn’t wrong English or grammar. It’s the truth as I’ve observed. I’ve believed for years, rather grown up with the notion that role models are a benchmark of all things you want to be. Partially true, as I had many role models for I realized I wanted a little bit of ‘many’ rather than just ‘one’. I suspect that’s the case with you too. What’s interesting to note is this: I wanted to have the presence of Indira Gandhi, the free spirit of maverick Howard Roark (Fountainhead), the speed of athlete PT Usha & Florence Griffith-Joyner, the power in my chords like Toni Braxton & the style of Zeenat Aman. Aaha! That would have turned me into a sci-fi hero. ‘Coz it meant picking attributes from different decades…even fiction and creating this unique superwoman. Obviously I got all that I deserved and more, but really didn’t live like any of my role models. Why?

Not because I couldn’t, but with time I found real, live stories that inspired me so much more than those amazing achievers. There were around me. In my home, my peer group, in new friends I made. When I found it LIVE, right in front of me, it seemed so much more implementable. It seemed like I could do it given the circumstances & the situations that defined me. I didn’t become a politician or creator or an athlete or a singer of a trendsetter, but strangely I have all of that in me, in a measured way today. In ways that a professional, best buddy, global citizen, travel lover……would relate to & excel in.

I am sure if you spent a moment introspecting, you would realize the same. But we love the concept of role models as entities far larger than ourselves!! They embody stories that we would love to be in our alternate reality. We sometimes become them if we walk the steps they did, in the professions they did. But most of us find our biggest inspirations in our fellow mates. Don’t we?

So I think there are two parts to life.

PART A: When the sub-conscious is absorbing, relishing & staring up in awe. It’s the stage when the stars in the sky seem the brightest even with your naked eyes. It’s when you suspend all facts that smell bad & lap up the best the role model has to offer. It’s the time you forgive the role model for any thing touted as negative. Or then even adopt it as your own. Or then believe it’s right.

PART B: Where conditioning has taken charge, practicality has kicked in & reality shows you all divides that exist. From economic to social to cultural to geographic…It is the stage when you know you have to live up to every dream & aspiration you have created as benchmark. That’s when the best role model is always someone you can be like. Not the one who lives in Bel Air or Shangri-la.

Frankly I believe, in one lies the other & one kick starts the other. They are linked intrinsically. They are inseparable yet diluted.

So while the newest, grown up part of you may fondly though sheepishly proclaim your childhood role model as, Russell Peters or Shah Rukh Khan or Che Guevara, don’t ever stop being  entertaining or a performer or a change agent. That younger part of you desired the most authentic & unadulterated emotion you would have loved to live with, before your EMI took over.

So live both, in harmony. And enjoy creating one more very real ’star’, with your name on it.

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