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Like a bolt from the blue!


We are back. Fresh, tidy, all charged up & ready to share tons of new stories. While we were vacationing we got ourselves a lazy beer belly & even lost all of it…well almost.

The brewers in sweet nostalgia are insisting they start with their shared experiences. So we begin with their travels, movies they’ve watched recently, arguments that have got them wiser, forums about greater good in a wealth obsessed land…and many more contrasts.

It’s gonna be one busy weekend. BRB

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Story telling got me super-glued in 2012


I was awakened by this deluge of awesome to worth watching again to nice, kind of movies over the last 10 months. Hindi film industry has been starved of good scripts for a while. So this was a pleasant surprise. Does that require a blog post? Yes of course. Because it started with some good indie cinema and then went on to bigger banners. It’s often hard to believe that large banners can roll out stories that are time pass yet get you feeling that ’something something’. (No I don’t mean the yellow mustard laced fields variety or recently the boarding school with rich kids kind). And with indie cinema you’ve come to expect serious stuff with little entertainment value.

But here I stand in October ‘12, with a bag of goodies that will…
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When vamps turned heroines & heroines turned vamps


I was chatting up with an advertising colleague-turned-film producer about the recent success of The Dirty Picture. We were cruising through time and the women stereotypes we so well articulated 10 years ago. They helped clearly distinguish the Lakme skincare woman from the Ponds skincare woman & so on. We used women from Indian mythology freely as we did the characters depicted in Indian cinema. And well the changes as we chatted up today were palpable.

The trend really started more than 15 years ago. And one of my earlier posts did observe how the concept associated with classical beauties/heroines of yester years was often dismissed as conservative in todays age. Has The Dirty Picture changed anything? DKCS (‘Don’t know Can’t say’, as research feedback would exclaim). But it’s amusing how the ‘thinking actress’…
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Is this what they call love?


Sometimes a story begins somewhere…it travels its journey…and starts meaning different things to many people. Little things in it fuel your imagination. The unspoken words…the ones spoken aloud…a glance…stolen moments…the furiously emotional outburst & then a forgiving smile… Just so much a story can tell. Isn’t this the way most memorable stories leave their indelible mark?

It isn’t about creating a fantasy world. It’s just about the fluidity of emotions. And no matter how outstanding your insight is, only the brushstrokes by a master craftsman can take it from good to sublime. At the times when he passionately crafts the story. How amazing then it is, to be a storyteller!

Movies in India especially in the recent times have deliberately played out through intelligent cinema. A refreshing change undoubtedly. But for the simple folks…
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ROCKSTAR: Recommended for all who love black sugar


“Out there, beyond the realm of right & wrong, is a field. I’ll meet you there” – Rumi (translated)

To love this movie, you must travel there too. It’s a love story that takes you in the raw. I have often come prepared for the madness to hit me. DEV.D, Kaminey…they all gave me a glimpse of the chaos I’d experience. It was cinema’s best. This one was made by Imtiaz Ali right? It would soak itself lusciously so in caramel. At least in the end?!!

How wrong I was. And how much I enjoyed staying in that wrongness. I didn’t quite relate to Jab We Met…but liked the surprise of Love Aaj Kal. This one got my gut. It hurt too. I felt it. Felt Heer’s desire to be set free.…
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