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Don’t just stand there. Do something. Anything!!!


Static (adj.): not in physical motion; the inertia of an object at rest

When something lulls you to a static state, there is hardly anything you remember of your surroundings or even what has brought you to that state. I think this is what Cobb defines as ‘limbo’ in the movie Inception. If you are at a beach lying under the glorious sun, this is your preferred, chosen and totally involved static state of being. However in the business of brands, this state of being for both the brand and its customer, is near coma. I am taking the liberty of defining the classic approach to communication that waits for the BIG CURTAIN RAISER before it starts its act, as the state of being ’static’.

Do brands really need a reason to start…
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What’s the brouhaha on fairness creams for men? Is it just a gender bias?


There was some furor recently about a facebook application by Vaseline Fairness Cream for Men. The application enables users to ‘digitally whiten their profile pics’ and ‘remove dark spots’. Facebook users can make their skin tone a few shades lighter so that they can preview their fairer look. Is it a ‘noise creation’ gimmick or a real unrest? One can’t say. But if it’s the latter I find it extremely amusing.

Fairness Creams (Rs.1700 cr market & growing at 14%. Source: ITC Portal) from the Vicco Turmeric days, have been projecting the concept of light skin as extremely appetizing. I must laud Vicco, as they have insightfully presented the brand as a must, in the most relevant situation. The wedding. In the product evolution cycle another more scientifically presented brand, Fair & Lovely, has…
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What if you could not see Baywatch, but just read about it!?!


Read about Baywatch!? Aaha! For scores of beach & beauty fans, it would surely be a serious let down. It needs a literate mind to read & absorb but just a blink of an eye to imprint a memorable image. I can remember many verses that eulogize pictures. The oldest among them being: A picture speaks a 1000 words. In a book by Leonard Shlain, titled ‘The Alphabet versus the Goddess’, the author explains the peace that reigned over most ancient cultures which reveled in visual imagery. It was also defined as the time when the feminine form was revered. Often associated with the right brain it was the centre of creativity, was holistic, followed the oral tradition and was intuitive. Then wars were fought when the ‘written word’ claimed superiority over the ‘image’.…
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Privacy be damned! The new digital age of consumerism is delectable


I continue to be enthralled by the vivid future that Hollywood sci-fi has painted for years. Populating that scenario is TED and a host of other visionaries &  products that seem to imply, that the future will have virtual highways that will read me, my emotions, my desires and what not. Of course, a lot of it is dependent on how much of my DNA I am willing to part with. And when the awesomeness of this technology gets embedded into some product/brand, then words like privacy & personal space get their moment of glory. For scores of people, brands interacting with them outside of specially designed boxes, like when surfing the net or on television or while reading up , are labeled intruders of privacy. For many others, they are a welcome change.…
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Have (fantastic) product, will (out) sell – I


We are in a 21st century hyper metropolis. Where an ocean of brands greets us every day. Somewhere in the midst of it all, are a few brands that surprise all the time. They haven’t yet forgotten that they can sell a great product a millions times over. In a search for these masterpieces, a few stood out. Sharing the aura of one today.

In an era where many products have another 10 clones or where new brands come into an exceedingly cluttered category, Apple stays refreshing & differentiated.

In an era where benchmarks are set by every competitive move, Apple begins & ends with its own ‘do’s & don’ts’.

In an era where technology and not formulas rule, Apple has consistently proven its control over the former rather than be overwhelmed or caught…
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