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When Mona became the darling & (DK) Bose meant more than speakers!


It surely has been a sore point or a happy one as the case may be, for many who woke up one morning and heard their name on many others lips. No, it wasn’t as if they were the new Cleopatra or Adonis of the modern world. It was just that some advertiser or scriptwriter took fancy to celebrating or ripping a name apart. Of course we laughed at some. At some others, we just smiled and looked for connections. JLT. I for one have two dear friends with names Chandni & Sheela, and I haven’t stopped ribbing them ever since.

The ones who got their bristles up were always those, whose names were treated contemptuously. I too sometimes dread it when a namesake pops up somewhere with dubious credentials. So I fully understand…
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I know many who’d say FREEBIES it is. That’s it. (Oh! A freebie incidentally includes an extra of the same product, discounts, practical stuff like a glass jar with a Bournvita beverage pack etc.) I can understand why. As many homemakers would proudly proclaim, it’s quite a smart buy. Who will otherwise travel that extra mile (using up extra fuel) to a Big Bazaar (BB) that could be quite away from their home? Isn’t BB the ultimate retailer who indulges the smart buyer in each one of us??!!

That has been the norm even before retailing became an organized sport. It’s a sport isn’t it? One against the other, negotiations, survival of the fittest, the winner gets them all etc. I can’t grudge the ladies on that emotion. But in the recent past, I’ve…
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How do I corrupt you (not)?


A 16 yr old decided to stop by at an advertising agency. Well it was a short and sweet stopover you know. Just a 10-day stint. I bumped into him and he had plenty to ask. So much, that before I would finish speaking, his next Q would come my way.

LESSON #1 FOR THE FUTURE: Curiosity doesn’t kill. It simply lets one eliminate the weeds & keep the seeds

LESSON #2 FOR THE FUTURE: A 16 yr old will be a 23 yr old soon & working at a desk near you. Be ready to KISS (keep it sticky & short)

Now his Qs were cool. After all he was asking just the fundamental stuff. We know all the answers, right?! Of course I had the answers, but I had to make it…
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Optimistic Storytelling


Well what could’ve prompted this title? All advertising is optimistic about the manufacturers’ product or consumer’s future right? At the end of the day it plugs a need gap, sometimes gives an average product a second chance, makes bald people buy hair fortifying shampoo and so on. Of course most advertising is full of bubbling optimism. But there are a few that catch your eye and well just make you feel like you are reading a news article through rose tinted glasses.

This video came from a colleague (thanks An Roy) & triggered me really. I couldn’t resist sharing how simply they have woven the burst of happiness that comes from glugging a Coca Cola, into  something endearing. It is merely another perspective. lighter, more evocative…and countering a very palpable and aggressive daily bombardment…
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When Harry Potter wrote a 29-yr olds’ screenplay


I had a teammate who told me that we live by scripts. Not like the Truman show, but more like little chapters that get ingrained in our minds from our childhood which dictate our behavior & expectations. These are based on experiences, stories we’ve heard at bed time, encounters in our social space, tales that others have told us…all of which has built our life’s screenplay.

I can’t argue that. Because a few years ago when I was making a point on a skin cream brand, I chose to use ‘Snow White & the 7 dwarfs’ as an example to visualize the power of bewitchment. And one woman’s war against the other to be the fairest of them all. It was also to reiterate the way many of the brands’ consumers possibly stereotyped women.…
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