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When will women truly come of age?


How I wish women said this poem aloud as they waltzed through life. But the title above is the reality, especially in Indian advertising. And that coming from a woman, i.e. I, me, myself. says a lot. Not about me, but the scores of learning that I’ve gathered from so many women chat ups across India. Big towns, small towns, metros, urban corners of cities, suburbs… Of course women have progressed in leaps & bounds. If you slot them in the ‘being independent’ & gaining confidence’ arena, there is tangible difference for the world to see.

But when it comes to comfortably co-existing & even flaunting their feminine power, the stereotypes play truant all the time. Why is femininity always depicted as the docile or then belligerent or then vampish or then independent woman…
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What I want to learn from Dhoni


I know, I know…he’s been flagged as the superstar over & over this summer on Indian media. And why not?!! Finally we have another picture to look at after 28 long years. It isn’t that he is the finest or the coolest or suavest that got him on this blog. The fact that I (a non-cricket & a big soccer & tennis fan) saw some sparkling truths that made me interested in him beyond the sport itself is the point to be noted. More so after Chennai Super Kings reached the finals effortlessly. So, oru whistle podu.

M.S Dhoni from the heartland of India is not known because of his lineage; his family isn’t famous, he is no urban slicker…but possibly everyone in India loves & respects him today. It’s merely the game of…
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Afaristo Hellas


Once a while it’s absolutely great to re-visit the past & watch progress through the lens of our ancestors. Greece is one such place. While much of Europe would subsume you with its pall of concern (economic crisis etc), the people of Hellas (Greece) have a ready smile for you. A short & sweet visit to take a leaf out of my history book, showed me a lot more than I’d expected.

I see strains of this land, culturally & historically in India too. But drawing a parallel would be unfair. The sheer size of land & population would make it impossible to compare progress or look for reasons. But there are several sources of inspiration.

Where do I begin? For starters there is some truth in the oft used term ‘Greek God’, also…
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REdiscovering REliving REnewing


The power of ‘RE’ is always heartening. There is a ring of a rising, like a Phoenix from the ashes, the resurrection of the son of God, the resuscitation given to live life with a lot more wisdom. Somehow ‘RE’ gives us the knowledge of the past with the guidance to live wisely in the future.

As we REembellish our navigation & home page at freshbrew and start our incessant chattering all over again, here’s a look at the expectation that ‘RE’ brings.

At the start ‘RE’ is something I’ve learnt I cannot live without. The ‘undo’ button on every program pretty much has spoilt me. So much so that I mentally UNDO, every time something untoward happens in the real world. Now how many of us are victims to that??!

As we see…
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I love Dad’s wallet: The curious case of home loving Boys & Girls


Strange title I agree. But what propelled me to even consider this a subject as worth pursuing, was something I read many moons ago about Italians and their love for home stays. Not like the home stays when travelling by yourself, but the ones that mean staying with folks simply because you just so love the comfort. An excerpt from GUARDIAN, UK went like this, “More than 50% of Italians aged 18 to 34 still live at home with their parents. This state of ­affairs has prompted one minister to call for a new law forcing “bamboccioni” – mummies’ boys and girls – to leave the nest at 18.” Since it emanated from a European culture, I found it quite surprising, though Italians particularly are known to mirror some Asian family values.…
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