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I spy: When you googled what did you search for?


As another eventful year draws to an end, I saw the world becoming larger, crazier, more inquisitive, arrogant, aggressive, meaner and what not. It just expanded to include so much more and honestly I speak for myself when I say that I am awe-somed by the deluge of what is in store. I suppose much of the world’s populi is trying to simplifying things. Carefully wrapped in bookmarks, sharing select links and so on. Google search is one such thing. And ‘keyword search’ makes it so simple, that the word complexity needs to drop out of the dictionary.

Presenting google’s take on what the biggest thing in search in 2010. It’s cool really. Events happen. A context is created and people simply google that. If this isn’t the wave of homogeneity, I’m afraid I…
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Ads that made you go hee haw ho ho: 2001-2010


There is nothing like humor to beat a tired day…actually just any day. Light, wicked, stupid or then belly shaking, a good joke is worth relishing. Some brands have created fuzzy spaces by doing just that. And you will be surprised at how high-value brands have pulled it off with much ease.

I’ve seen that the most recalled ads in India are often the ones that tickle. I have so enjoyed the political satire too, that some TV channels proudly flaunt. In a way they boldly do what we so oft want to do, publicly. Well, brides select grooms faster if they have a sense of humor. The Laughter challenge has created tons of Johnny Levers…and smileys have some amazing ‘humor takes’.

So as the year, rather decade comes to an end, here’s looking…
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Lights, camera, action in your pocket


I love the phrase & the song titled, ‘Pocket mein Rocket hai’. So very true given that our most valuable accessories are tucked in there. Wallets & wads of cash, car & house keys & the multipurpose phone-cum-camera-cum-emaildepot-cum-executive assistant… The last one particularly amazes me. And I am waiting to see the final frontier being crossed, with the phone being the single convergence point.

What piqued my interest a year ago and continues to excite me as I lap up the exciting world of technology, is how people have started building their lives around their phones. More accurately how it seems to multitask especially in making many other products redundant. As we all know, the smart phone is now a camera too. Whenever, wherever you need it to be. It just lets you enjoy…
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Of monkey balloons, kulfis, tonga rides and the ferris wheel


Any one who has grown up in Mumbai and is even in his/her early 20s today would resonate with all of the above. In fact folks from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore… would all have their teeny memory boxes stuffed with some of life’s simplest pleasures.

Why I quote the cities is because these very metropolitan shiny spaces have lost much of their sheen. What with most of these small sweet treats becoming almost extinct or even relegated to pockets of the city! Why does urbanization wipe out the real joys of life? And bring in pleasures that surely surprise, shock & awe and wow us but don’t build sweet bonds? Will the 9-yr old city bred of today remember (15 years from now) standing inside the airport waving goodbye as his Dad’s flight took…
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When Dads’ brand became Daddy Cool!


Not surprising that every new generation wants to shed the brands that resonated with their Dad/Mom and align themselves to those that speak their language. It’s toughest for those brands that wear their image & personality on their sleeve, to keep the fire alive. In the midst of that are scores of other brands that manage to stay evergreen. It’s definitely innovation in product and fresh consumer roles, that keep the new ‘NEW’ for decades.

Am sure we all know a few that have defied time…continue to shine bright. Managed to stay relevant & desirable. And more importantly, created a fan following across ages. What I have today is a mini take on some such brands that have managed to keep the cool factor despite age.

After the Gilette & Axe…
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