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Paris, je t’aime ~ With Brand Paris you can’t help but fall in love


The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life  ~ William Faulkner (American Novelist & Short Story Writer, 1897-1962)

That would be the beginning of an ode to a sensorially rich city that you never tire of, however often you stop by. So who cares whether the French can speak English!!? Paris implores any visitor to learn just that little bit of its lilting language, so that you blend in. It’s truly like a lover, who can mould you and make you a slave to her passion and the headiness of a good life. It wasn’t my first visit and it’s not the raving…
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The Good, Bad & Ugly of Indian Advertising. As told to Campaign India by Anil Nair, CEO, Law & Kenneth


Circa Late 80s: Heard a jingle and warmed up to the brand. Liked the concept of relationships that leave memories and flourish through time & travel. Jingle: Kal bhi aaj bhi aaj bhi kal bhi. In yaadon ka safar toh ruke na kabhi. Brand: V.I.P Luggage

The headiness of poetry in Indian advertising or the importance of relationships hasn’t waned since. Joining this powerhouse of entertaining, creative, on your feet world was inevitable. And after 17 years of enjoying the hits & misses, highs & lows, I don’t feel a veteran at all in an industry where the average age is around 30.

My professional life started after the great economic liberalization but the impact of the same had a lot to do with how the industry progressed thereafter. A…
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Making of the ‘Amateur Star’


Thanks to social media, flickr, reality shows, blogs and zillions of other new stop-overs, our species have started to discover the creative side lurking within. It doesn’t even matter how good or excellent one is at it. What matters is one is up there, out there and people are rooting for that winning moment. So we see budding dancers, singers, TV stars, VJs, DJs, photographers, fashion diva hopefuls, all risking their pride to take a chance at success.

World is a stage & I am a player too
The good thing about this is that most participants have stopped being afraid or conscious of being on the offline or online stage. It’s a ride, so giddyap and enjoy it. Not just a trend among kids & youth, even families come on shows, mothers-in-law in…
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They make me feel guilty for exactly 0.001 secs: So the question is, who is ready to sell their Ferrari?


Imagine a mega planet that has enemies and friends within. It is trying to find its voice. Choked in garbage, depleting lung power and dwindling life forms, it is begging its residents to at least now give it some hope(penhagen). Alas! The efforts with all good intentions, are often couched in wow print advertisements and posters. It does wake you up for just that nanosecond, before the next guzzler of a sedan (the guzzler bit is couched of course) seduces your conscience with its masculinity & power.

Of the lot, the ones that do little to change the attitude of women are the fur & vegetarian print advertisements by PETA. ‘Social flaunt symbols’ far outweigh ‘personal belief symbols’. To stoke the latter, a receptive mind-state that is moving out of  ’status anxiety-external gratification’ to…
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‘The lines have long disappeared’. As told to ‘Impact’ by a true brand custodian Anil Nair, CEO, Law & Kenneth


Someone asked me recently, whether building brands in the coming decade would rest with above the line or below the line agencies? My reply was that the lines have long disappeared and the only line one needs to look at is what’s drawn between the consumer and the brand.

The reality is that very few brands can afford to play the IPL gamble, use fix-all celebrities or create TOI roadblocks to establish themselves quickly. Marketing ROI and strategies thereof are under the scanner in many boardrooms.

Given this truth, I believe the next decade will not be about ‘interruption’ or disruption’ but about connections, conversations and adding value to consumers’ lives. The only way forward for brands will be through making meaningful cultural connections and creating lasting relationships with their consumers. It’s not going to…
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