When woods whistle…pancakes sizzle


There is a discomfort in crowning W-O-M as a marketing tool (if it’s word of mouth, it needs no formulaic initiative right!!). But it is a necessary truth for any marketer. It is genuine. It can be contagious. And it can create good vibes for the brand more often than not. But W-O-M is meant to be subtle. Not choreographed. Then how does one ensure the right message gets whispered from ear to ear.

Look at the times when it has been attributed a bad name. The nefarious MMS clips & dirty pictures. The scandalous truths about celebrities & brands, takes new dimensions when it gets passed around. Then there are the good W-O-M examples: Like joke mails and the very irritating ‘blessings on the condition that you forward, else you will lose your…
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Monday Bloody Monday & more


As I start to write this post at sundown on a wet Sunday, I can’t help but wonder how specific ‘days of the week’ have overtaken the lives of many. Song writers, an entire base of working populi, sports channels and the rest. Isn’t it interesting how we sync the waxing and waning of our moods across the week, to our work-life schedules! And it pretty much is reflected in the relationship we have, with a specific day in the week. Honestly, no other day evokes the elation of a Friday or the impending doom of a Monday. Makes for good brand ideas, both product and advertising. And makes for some memorable songs too.

Lets start with the most recent advertisement for ESPN. It makes the beginning of the week, Monday, just a little…
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Let’s play ‘house house’


Little girls have forever enjoyed putting things together to make their perfect doll house. It’s fun really when one doesn’t have to be bothered with the chores of shifting large suitcases etc. When Ikea introduced modular furniture all I could think of was that cute little doll house and the joy of fixing the jigsaw. Not just furniture, one could put an entire room together in no time. Every Ikea showroom is like a mega mega mall, that has all that you ever need to make a house, a home.

So shouldn’t advertising for this be just as fun? What i so totally adore about Ikea is just that.

While most of Ikea furniture is assembled by home owners, the issues linked to the same have been raging for a while now. That hasn’t…
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Virgin Trains takes the zombie outta you


Of course we’d relate to any thing that celebrates ‘comfortable travel’ and demonizes roadblocs/airport chokes etc. Any urban city that’s a hub has scores of people who wish they could have  just said ‘Beam me up, Scotty’. Virgin Trains has launched a new campaign titled ‘Don’t Go Zombie’ (created by MCBD, London), simply stating the obvious in a refreshing new way. Using graphic comic book illustrations, it’s an eye catcher and not unlike Virgin. Given the volcanic ash clouds and pile ups on the roads, traveling by train doesn’t seem that bad after all.

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