I spy: When you googled what did you search for?


As another eventful year draws to an end, I saw the world becoming larger, crazier, more inquisitive, arrogant, aggressive, meaner and what not. It just expanded to include so much more and honestly I speak for myself when I say that I am awe-somed by the deluge of what is in store. I suppose much of the world’s populi is trying to simplifying things. Carefully wrapped in bookmarks, sharing select links and so on. Google search is one such thing. And ‘keyword search’ makes it so simple, that the word complexity needs to drop out of the dictionary.

Presenting google’s take on what the biggest thing in search in 2010. It’s cool really. Events happen. A context is created and people simply google that. If this isn’t the wave of homogeneity, I’m afraid I…
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Lights, camera, action in your pocket


I love the phrase & the song titled, ‘Pocket mein Rocket hai’. So very true given that our most valuable accessories are tucked in there. Wallets & wads of cash, car & house keys & the multipurpose phone-cum-camera-cum-emaildepot-cum-executive assistant… The last one particularly amazes me. And I am waiting to see the final frontier being crossed, with the phone being the single convergence point.

What piqued my interest a year ago and continues to excite me as I lap up the exciting world of technology, is how people have started building their lives around their phones. More accurately how it seems to multitask especially in making many other products redundant. As we all know, the smart phone is now a camera too. Whenever, wherever you need it to be. It just lets you enjoy…
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Hello berry boys & girls…you feeling good?!!!


As a declared Apple fan and smartphone enthusiast, I would’ve assumed that objectivity was a difficult emotion. Afterall addictions in marketing language, are for brands you love & what tickles your right brain. So I did the old fashioned thing & looked at the dictionary:

ad.dic.tion: noun \a-dik-shen, a-\

1: devotion or surrender (of oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

2: compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal

The thing with doing a Blackberry versus Apple is; the former is a craving addiction, medically speaking. And in India some of the coolest dudes are putting substance over style, in their pursuit of the most well-created organizer; by owning the addictive Blackberry. That possibly is the…
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500 million & counting: Here’s raising a toast to the new digital language


For addicts & enemies of Facebook, it is time to simply stare and wonder. Connectivity never got this mega. As of July 21st, 2010 this networking destination had all of 500 million people as members. I remember just a couple of years ago discussing the prospect of launching an Indian social networking site. There were other sites in pockets of the world, populated by specific countries etc. Data proved that the potential was vast. So a dedicated Indian networking site was inevitable. But in no time, Facebook became a pièce de résistance in the lives of many across the world. What worked? Maybe in the beginning all the crazy games did. Then along came photo albums, tagging, virtual gifts, bookshelf, drinks, text twirl, vampires etc. All the stuff that eventually got mundane, just brought…
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Privacy be damned! The new digital age of consumerism is delectable


I continue to be enthralled by the vivid future that Hollywood sci-fi has painted for years. Populating that scenario is TED and a host of other visionaries &  products that seem to imply, that the future will have virtual highways that will read me, my emotions, my desires and what not. Of course, a lot of it is dependent on how much of my DNA I am willing to part with. And when the awesomeness of this technology gets embedded into some product/brand, then words like privacy & personal space get their moment of glory. For scores of people, brands interacting with them outside of specially designed boxes, like when surfing the net or on television or while reading up , are labeled intruders of privacy. For many others, they are a welcome change.…
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