Of monkey balloons, kulfis, tonga rides and the ferris wheel


Any one who has grown up in Mumbai and is even in his/her early 20s today would resonate with all of the above. In fact folks from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore… would all have their teeny memory boxes stuffed with some of life’s simplest pleasures.

Why I quote the cities is because these very metropolitan shiny spaces have lost much of their sheen. What with most of these small sweet treats becoming almost extinct or even relegated to pockets of the city! Why does urbanization wipe out the real joys of life? And bring in pleasures that surely surprise, shock & awe and wow us but don’t build sweet bonds? Will the 9-yr old city bred of today remember (15 years from now) standing inside the airport waving goodbye as his Dad’s flight took…
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When Dads’ brand became Daddy Cool!


Not surprising that every new generation wants to shed the brands that resonated with their Dad/Mom and align themselves to those that speak their language. It’s toughest for those brands that wear their image & personality on their sleeve, to keep the fire alive. In the midst of that are scores of other brands that manage to stay evergreen. It’s definitely innovation in product and fresh consumer roles, that keep the new ‘NEW’ for decades.

Am sure we all know a few that have defied time…continue to shine bright. Managed to stay relevant & desirable. And more importantly, created a fan following across ages. What I have today is a mini take on some such brands that have managed to keep the cool factor despite age.

After the Gilette & Axe…
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When bikini babes became the face of contemporary India


What inspires this post is a back to back run of two films. One from the 1970s and another from 2008. Glad that I had the sensibility to enjoy both & be non-judgmental. However, other than the storyline, settings, benchmarks of affluence, contextual happenings etc…my curious mind picked up a dramatic shift in vastra (apparel) worn and the personality thereof. It reminded me of how comfortably we as Indians, have settled to a new code of style in our grooming, albeit at a price. Price of shedding Indian and donning Western as our drape of beauty.

Let’s imagine the two time zones separated by economic, social, cultural realities. In both these zones, are two personalities of women that have flourished. One is a ‘Seductress/Apsara’ and the other is a ‘Poised Beauty/Goddess’. They both exist…
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