The Curious Case of two brains: The Times of India vs. The Hindu


Across most of metro India all English newspaper audits would show a skew to the Times of India (TOI). However, Tamil Nadu led by Chennai stood defiantly, with its intelligent morning fix, The Hindu. That is till TOI decided to wear its Tamilian mundu and get friendly with the average Chennaite next door.  The newspaper has managed to make some decent in-roads into the mass populi in the last 1 ½ years. Including with the intelligentsia.

What clicked?
Possibly many customers wanted a balance between the introspective & perceptive ‘The Hindu’ and the lighter & news focused ‘The Times of India’. The need for a section of readers could have been to wake up to news, that captured a spectrum of happenings and presented the changing face of India and their state. With no prejudices…
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Should advertising merely fuel our clannish behaviour or create new culture codes?


As if linguistic borders weren’t enough, some folks in politics are creating the regional divide too for the vote bank. But if they have garnered the support of the masses, chances are it’s not a malaise restricted to the ‘estate’. Indian history has always seen a rule over several centuries by princely states. And while migrations did occur, cultures intermingled and the migrant often absorbed the city code. However, while in the past immersion into the culture of the community was natural, life in the last 2 decades has seen an emergence of regional identity crises. Triggering frantic ownership of a linguistic, cultural DNA. Push it a little further today and we hear those voices loud and clear especially in the stereotypes that advertising presents.

This is seen in many of our brand stories,…
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When 3-D digital world meets our 3-D real world: It’s about feelings & emotions afterall


Excited with an idea that’s campaignable, advertising folks have often expounded 360° or consumer surround as the edge, to cut through the clutter. By looking at moments in the consumers life that is yet unexploited, most brands have tried to locate meaningful sweet spots. To amplify the surround, brands have often been spurred to use multi media, retail blitzkrieg etc, which also spreads media monies thin. But today there is a new dimension that doesn’t ask for your effort, as the format itself creates ‘wholesome experiences’ making it memorable: 3-D

3-D is not new to us. Our real world has been 3-D is every way; be it visual, tactile or auditory. The tsunami was a case in point. Nothing as spectacular and dramatic has been seen live, though with cataclysmic implications. In the entertainment world…
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