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“Out there, beyond the realm of right & wrong, is a field. I’ll meet you there” – Rumi (translated)

To love this movie, you must travel there too. It’s a love story that takes you in the raw. I have often come prepared for the madness to hit me. DEV.D, Kaminey…they all gave me a glimpse of the chaos I’d experience. It was cinema’s best. This one was made by Imtiaz Ali right? It would soak itself lusciously so in caramel. At least in the end?!!

How wrong I was. And how much I enjoyed staying in that wrongness. I didn’t quite relate to Jab We Met…but liked the surprise of Love Aaj Kal. This one got my gut. It hurt too. I felt it. Felt Heer’s desire to be set free.…
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An outstanding Creator meets his Creator. Steve Jobs, iBidgoodbye but not quite yet.


iCried today. Rarely has a perfect stranger caught me off guard like this. Then I realized I wasn’t alone. Many more through scores of bytes zipping across the smallest & fattest pipes were expressing their deepest void like never before. It seemed like a favorite toy had been pulled away from us. We were adults for God’s sake. Then why was there such an outpouring of emotions? The last time I felt sadness (like real sadness for a stranger) of a different kind was when MJ moonwalked away.

This post is a short & sweet one. Much like what Steve did to the many contraptions in our lives. Made them short, sweet & simple. The many words of gratitude continue to flow & I paused for a few moments wondering why across the world,…
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Indian Cinema…riding a change of sensibilities? (A slice from the cinema pie by Sherly Mathew, Strategic Planner, L&K Mumbai)


As young pseudo intellectuals waiting to join an advertising institute, we arrived with a certain aura around us. Living up to the stereotype – a weird dressing sense, self-created jargons, anthems of a different kind (read GMD and Sutta), gyan -  lots of gyan  and of course love for music and movies. And this is where we also took a good hard look at cinema.

Ah! but here comes the disclaimer (I know it should logically come in the beginning but then, logic main woh magic kahan)

I am no cinema expert with intelligent sounding views. I was just fortunate to be taught by a brilliant professor who asked us to explore World cinema while appreciating Indian cinema.  So what follows is my understanding/observation of what’s new and refreshing to see and be…
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  • Abhay Singh: Loved Rumi’s quote at the end of the movie. Truly awesome movies.. Rockstar <3 <3
  • Anuradha: The best told stories whether in literature, life or visuals are the unspoken emotions. Anything overtly...
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  • Anirban: Imtiaz, plenty thanks for your kind comments. Glad that it made sense to the creator…Keep dazzling us...


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