Who you idolize is who you don’t become!!


It isn’t wrong English or grammar. It’s the truth as I’ve observed. I’ve believed for years, rather grown up with the notion that role models are a benchmark of all things you want to be. Partially true, as I had many role models for I realized I wanted a little bit of ‘many’ rather than just ‘one’. I suspect that’s the case with you too. What’s interesting to note is this: I wanted to have the presence of Indira Gandhi, the free spirit of maverick Howard Roark (Fountainhead), the speed of athlete PT Usha & Florence Griffith-Joyner, the power in my chords like Toni Braxton & the style of Zeenat Aman. Aaha! That would have turned me into a sci-fi hero. ‘Coz it meant picking attributes from different decades…even fiction and creating this unique…
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When Mona became the darling & (DK) Bose meant more than speakers!


It surely has been a sore point or a happy one as the case may be, for many who woke up one morning and heard their name on many others lips. No, it wasn’t as if they were the new Cleopatra or Adonis of the modern world. It was just that some advertiser or scriptwriter took fancy to celebrating or ripping a name apart. Of course we laughed at some. At some others, we just smiled and looked for connections. JLT. I for one have two dear friends with names Chandni & Sheela, and I haven’t stopped ribbing them ever since.

The ones who got their bristles up were always those, whose names were treated contemptuously. I too sometimes dread it when a namesake pops up somewhere with dubious credentials. So I fully understand…
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I know many who’d say FREEBIES it is. That’s it. (Oh! A freebie incidentally includes an extra of the same product, discounts, practical stuff like a glass jar with a Bournvita beverage pack etc.) I can understand why. As many homemakers would proudly proclaim, it’s quite a smart buy. Who will otherwise travel that extra mile (using up extra fuel) to a Big Bazaar (BB) that could be quite away from their home? Isn’t BB the ultimate retailer who indulges the smart buyer in each one of us??!!

That has been the norm even before retailing became an organized sport. It’s a sport isn’t it? One against the other, negotiations, survival of the fittest, the winner gets them all etc. I can’t grudge the ladies on that emotion. But in the recent past, I’ve…
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