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Optimistic Storytelling


Well what could’ve prompted this title? All advertising is optimistic about the manufacturers’ product or consumer’s future right? At the end of the day it plugs a need gap, sometimes gives an average product a second chance, makes bald people buy hair fortifying shampoo and so on. Of course most advertising is full of bubbling optimism. But there are a few that catch your eye and well just make you feel like you are reading a news article through rose tinted glasses.

This video came from a colleague (thanks An Roy) & triggered me really. I couldn’t resist sharing how simply they have woven the burst of happiness that comes from glugging a Coca Cola, into  something endearing. It is merely another perspective. lighter, more evocative…and countering a very palpable and aggressive daily bombardment…
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Aren’t we all closet racists?


Let’s not kid ourselves. Stereotypes abound. The oldest I can remember is the Unofficial Polish Joke Book & of course scores of jokes featuring Santa & Banta, a certain Pestonjee and even recently Saif’s Gujarati parents in Kal ho Na Ho. Accents, color of skin, style of dressing, texture of hair, even type of cuisine chosen often, is a great way of decoding the land, region and state of origin. It’s possibly OK till there, if we stereotype the so called obvious and still greet warmly. It’s when we curl up our noses or then make disparaging comments thereon or then change our behavior, is where the problem arises.

Advertising has of course had no such boundaries and in the name of creative license and humor the stereotypes sail through us everyday. I’ll have…
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The Good, Bad & Ugly of Indian Advertising. As told to Campaign India by Anil Nair, CEO, Law & Kenneth


Circa Late 80s: Heard a jingle and warmed up to the brand. Liked the concept of relationships that leave memories and flourish through time & travel. Jingle: Kal bhi aaj bhi aaj bhi kal bhi. In yaadon ka safar toh ruke na kabhi. Brand: V.I.P Luggage

The headiness of poetry in Indian advertising or the importance of relationships hasn’t waned since. Joining this powerhouse of entertaining, creative, on your feet world was inevitable. And after 17 years of enjoying the hits & misses, highs & lows, I don’t feel a veteran at all in an industry where the average age is around 30.

My professional life started after the great economic liberalization but the impact of the same had a lot to do with how the industry progressed thereafter. A…
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‘The lines have long disappeared’. As told to ‘Impact’ by a true brand custodian Anil Nair, CEO, Law & Kenneth


Someone asked me recently, whether building brands in the coming decade would rest with above the line or below the line agencies? My reply was that the lines have long disappeared and the only line one needs to look at is what’s drawn between the consumer and the brand.

The reality is that very few brands can afford to play the IPL gamble, use fix-all celebrities or create TOI roadblocks to establish themselves quickly. Marketing ROI and strategies thereof are under the scanner in many boardrooms.

Given this truth, I believe the next decade will not be about ‘interruption’ or disruption’ but about connections, conversations and adding value to consumers’ lives. The only way forward for brands will be through making meaningful cultural connections and creating lasting relationships with their consumers. It’s not going to…
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Let’s play ‘house house’


Little girls have forever enjoyed putting things together to make their perfect doll house. It’s fun really when one doesn’t have to be bothered with the chores of shifting large suitcases etc. When Ikea introduced modular furniture all I could think of was that cute little doll house and the joy of fixing the jigsaw. Not just furniture, one could put an entire room together in no time. Every Ikea showroom is like a mega mega mall, that has all that you ever need to make a house, a home.

So shouldn’t advertising for this be just as fun? What i so totally adore about Ikea is just that.

While most of Ikea furniture is assembled by home owners, the issues linked to the same have been raging for a while now. That hasn’t…
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