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Death of the brand!!!


This article is a direct outcome of the countless meetings where clients and agency have swiftly killed many ideas for the sake of building a great ‘brand’:

‘This is not my brand!’

‘Where is the brand consistency?’

‘But what is the tone of the brand?’

‘We have to define the personality of the brand.’

‘Who is the brand’s TG?’

Tell you what, the brand is dead.

There used to be a time when a brand was a cultural entity, created by a handful of people across client and advertising offices. The physique was defined, values were defined, personality traits were defined along with all other things that are put on brand identity charts in powerpoint presentations (this is the precise moment when ‘death by powerpoint’ was coined). They were defined and then they were broadcasted.…
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What brands can learn from Gandhi!!


Every year around this time we end up remembering the architects of our Independence – among them stands a ‘half-naked fakir’ who always outshines the rest – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Ever wondered how much brands can learn from the greatest marketing campaign ever launched by an Indian? Think about it – it was touted as a ‘campaign’ against the Raj and it drove them out of this country (oh and also brought about the timely demise of the British Empire).

Here are few lessons which we can learn from what Gandhi did and brands can adopt these principles to successfully make an impact in today’s world:

1. Involve people – it’s the participation economy honey!

Perhaps one of the things that Gandhi did remarkably well was he mobilized the masses. At a time when…
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When Dads’ brand became Daddy Cool!


Not surprising that every new generation wants to shed the brands that resonated with their Dad/Mom and align themselves to those that speak their language. It’s toughest for those brands that wear their image & personality on their sleeve, to keep the fire alive. In the midst of that are scores of other brands that manage to stay evergreen. It’s definitely innovation in product and fresh consumer roles, that keep the new ‘NEW’ for decades.

Am sure we all know a few that have defied time…continue to shine bright. Managed to stay relevant & desirable. And more importantly, created a fan following across ages. What I have today is a mini take on some such brands that have managed to keep the cool factor despite age.

After the Gilette & Axe…
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Is your creative brief tuned to creating brand wealth?


Pompous as it may sound, the start of any creative brief must state the business objective. If it doesn’t, junk it this very minute. Because it is the one point in the working of a communication company, where the business, strategic & creative disciplines meet on a common ground. And toppling the very reasons these silos were created I’d say that without due diligence done & respect given to the marketing ambition, these disciplines have no reason to exist.

As an extended arm of the marketing team and possibly as the truest custodian of the brand, communication partners need to re-consider their approach to the brand building process. All too often collaboration in its truest sense is missing. Which means inspiring market traction,  cannot be the problem of one or two disciplines but all owners…
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‘Return to Innocence’ can be a new brand speak!


I know I am doing a bit of detour on the sound bytes I may have given, on conversations with brands. But I can’t help but wonder and share this genuine concern from a true advertising student. Look around and you can rarely see the natural beauty in most Indian metros. It isn’t that the cities are populated with buildings or construction but hoardings, kiosks, live outdoor…It’s like each one is fighting for attention through the 1 hour journey from home to office & vice versa. But honestly, the brain can absorb only a fraction of it all despite repeat viewing everyday of the drive.

Is there some fatigue creeping in? Much of it lies in the inertia of brand custodians to look at a more practical approach to conversations with the consumer. The…
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