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What brands can learn from Gandhi!!


Every year around this time we end up remembering the architects of our Independence – among them stands a ‘half-naked fakir’ who always outshines the rest – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Ever wondered how much brands can learn from the greatest marketing campaign ever launched by an Indian? Think about it – it was touted as a ‘campaign’ against the Raj and it drove them out of this country (oh and also brought about the timely demise of the British Empire).

Here are few lessons which we can learn from what Gandhi did and brands can adopt these principles to successfully make an impact in today’s world:

1. Involve people – it’s the participation economy honey!

Perhaps one of the things that Gandhi did remarkably well was he mobilized the masses. At a time when…
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When woods whistle…pancakes sizzle


There is a discomfort in crowning W-O-M as a marketing tool (if it’s word of mouth, it needs no formulaic initiative right!!). But it is a necessary truth for any marketer. It is genuine. It can be contagious. And it can create good vibes for the brand more often than not. But W-O-M is meant to be subtle. Not choreographed. Then how does one ensure the right message gets whispered from ear to ear.

Look at the times when it has been attributed a bad name. The nefarious MMS clips & dirty pictures. The scandalous truths about celebrities & brands, takes new dimensions when it gets passed around. Then there are the good W-O-M examples: Like joke mails and the very irritating ‘blessings on the condition that you forward, else you will lose your…
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I know many who’d say FREEBIES it is. That’s it. (Oh! A freebie incidentally includes an extra of the same product, discounts, practical stuff like a glass jar with a Bournvita beverage pack etc.) I can understand why. As many homemakers would proudly proclaim, it’s quite a smart buy. Who will otherwise travel that extra mile (using up extra fuel) to a Big Bazaar (BB) that could be quite away from their home? Isn’t BB the ultimate retailer who indulges the smart buyer in each one of us??!!

That has been the norm even before retailing became an organized sport. It’s a sport isn’t it? One against the other, negotiations, survival of the fittest, the winner gets them all etc. I can’t grudge the ladies on that emotion. But in the recent past, I’ve…
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Would you rather love me for 30 secs or a life time?


The debate on whether television and print as a medium is losing its status of Holy Grail in the advertising community, has been on for quite some time now. Industry pundits will throw stats at you (and I won’t) and passionately argue that India unlike the developed countries still nurses an appetite for 30 sec commercials and full page ads.

So marketers still pump in thousands of crores to get ‘eyeballs’. They believe a full page ad in The Times of India will be enough to get the ‘changing Indian woman’ (just dissected the day before in the ppt). 30 or 20 or 10 is really not the point – the secondage never was, question is: “is television enough to anchor your brand in the lives of consumers?”

Here’s my argument:

We live in…
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Afaristo Hellas


Once a while it’s absolutely great to re-visit the past & watch progress through the lens of our ancestors. Greece is one such place. While much of Europe would subsume you with its pall of concern (economic crisis etc), the people of Hellas (Greece) have a ready smile for you. A short & sweet visit to take a leaf out of my history book, showed me a lot more than I’d expected.

I see strains of this land, culturally & historically in India too. But drawing a parallel would be unfair. The sheer size of land & population would make it impossible to compare progress or look for reasons. But there are several sources of inspiration.

Where do I begin? For starters there is some truth in the oft used term ‘Greek God’, also…
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