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When vamps turned heroines & heroines turned vamps


I was chatting up with an advertising colleague-turned-film producer about the recent success of The Dirty Picture. We were cruising through time and the women stereotypes we so well articulated 10 years ago. They helped clearly distinguish the Lakme skincare woman from the Ponds skincare woman & so on. We used women from Indian mythology freely as we did the characters depicted in Indian cinema. And well the changes as we chatted up today were palpable.

The trend really started more than 15 years ago. And one of my earlier posts did observe how the concept associated with classical beauties/heroines of yester years was often dismissed as conservative in todays age. Has The Dirty Picture changed anything? DKCS (‘Don’t know Can’t say’, as research feedback would exclaim). But it’s amusing how the ‘thinking actress’…
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I love Dad’s wallet: The curious case of home loving Boys & Girls


Strange title I agree. But what propelled me to even consider this a subject as worth pursuing, was something I read many moons ago about Italians and their love for home stays. Not like the home stays when travelling by yourself, but the ones that mean staying with folks simply because you just so love the comfort. An excerpt from GUARDIAN, UK went like this, “More than 50% of Italians aged 18 to 34 still live at home with their parents. This state of ­affairs has prompted one minister to call for a new law forcing “bamboccioni” – mummies’ boys and girls – to leave the nest at 18.” Since it emanated from a European culture, I found it quite surprising, though Italians particularly are known to mirror some Asian family values.…
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When bikini babes became the face of contemporary India


What inspires this post is a back to back run of two films. One from the 1970s and another from 2008. Glad that I had the sensibility to enjoy both & be non-judgmental. However, other than the storyline, settings, benchmarks of affluence, contextual happenings etc…my curious mind picked up a dramatic shift in vastra (apparel) worn and the personality thereof. It reminded me of how comfortably we as Indians, have settled to a new code of style in our grooming, albeit at a price. Price of shedding Indian and donning Western as our drape of beauty.

Let’s imagine the two time zones separated by economic, social, cultural realities. In both these zones, are two personalities of women that have flourished. One is a ‘Seductress/Apsara’ and the other is a ‘Poised Beauty/Goddess’. They both exist…
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When brands get festive


More than the fireworks, I have been hearing the sound of cash registers jingling over the last couple of weeks. The fervour was palpable in the last two days. For all the mini fests that happen through the year, by far Diwali evokes the highest excitement pan India where disproportionate money is spent on changing many things over. I love discounts of any kind…price offs, freebies, special offers with surprise gifts etc. And I am overwhelmed by the choice every Diwali.

What’s fun in the midst of all of this are the many brands that wish customers with very creative expressions of their Diwali gift. Over the years I have seen activity multiply during this period. Sales peak and so do the working hours. The mad scramble though is often in decoding what to…
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What’s the brouhaha on fairness creams for men? Is it just a gender bias?


There was some furor recently about a facebook application by Vaseline Fairness Cream for Men. The application enables users to ‘digitally whiten their profile pics’ and ‘remove dark spots’. Facebook users can make their skin tone a few shades lighter so that they can preview their fairer look. Is it a ‘noise creation’ gimmick or a real unrest? One can’t say. But if it’s the latter I find it extremely amusing.

Fairness Creams (Rs.1700 cr market & growing at 14%. Source: ITC Portal) from the Vicco Turmeric days, have been projecting the concept of light skin as extremely appetizing. I must laud Vicco, as they have insightfully presented the brand as a must, in the most relevant situation. The wedding. In the product evolution cycle another more scientifically presented brand, Fair & Lovely, has…
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