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How do I corrupt you (not)?


A 16 yr old decided to stop by at an advertising agency. Well it was a short and sweet stopover you know. Just a 10-day stint. I bumped into him and he had plenty to ask. So much, that before I would finish speaking, his next Q would come my way.

LESSON #1 FOR THE FUTURE: Curiosity doesn’t kill. It simply lets one eliminate the weeds & keep the seeds

LESSON #2 FOR THE FUTURE: A 16 yr old will be a 23 yr old soon & working at a desk near you. Be ready to KISS (keep it sticky & short)

Now his Qs were cool. After all he was asking just the fundamental stuff. We know all the answers, right?! Of course I had the answers, but I had to make it…
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I love Dad’s wallet: The curious case of home loving Boys & Girls


Strange title I agree. But what propelled me to even consider this a subject as worth pursuing, was something I read many moons ago about Italians and their love for home stays. Not like the home stays when travelling by yourself, but the ones that mean staying with folks simply because you just so love the comfort. An excerpt from GUARDIAN, UK went like this, “More than 50% of Italians aged 18 to 34 still live at home with their parents. This state of ­affairs has prompted one minister to call for a new law forcing “bamboccioni” – mummies’ boys and girls – to leave the nest at 18.” Since it emanated from a European culture, I found it quite surprising, though Italians particularly are known to mirror some Asian family values.…
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Making of the ‘Amateur Star’


Thanks to social media, flickr, reality shows, blogs and zillions of other new stop-overs, our species have started to discover the creative side lurking within. It doesn’t even matter how good or excellent one is at it. What matters is one is up there, out there and people are rooting for that winning moment. So we see budding dancers, singers, TV stars, VJs, DJs, photographers, fashion diva hopefuls, all risking their pride to take a chance at success.

World is a stage & I am a player too
The good thing about this is that most participants have stopped being afraid or conscious of being on the offline or online stage. It’s a ride, so giddyap and enjoy it. Not just a trend among kids & youth, even families come on shows, mothers-in-law in…
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I was married once. Now I just lease. (Quote: Lady Astor 1879-1964)


How could Lady Astor have known that a smart quip like that in the Victorian Era, would become much of a norm in the 21st century! Surely it’s emerging as an expression of cool, at least in the context of some teen relationships portrayed in modern India.

Let’s take movies & brand advertising. At one end we have stories of togetherness, couples buying a home, dissolving differences etc. and at the other end we have stories of relationships going kaput, boys and girls moving on, quoting flimsy reasons etc. The value borders ensure married couples are celebrating the former (togetherness bit) and young ones in relationships are enjoying the latter (time to move on bit). So isn’t this hot button among young unmarried couples, all about unbridled leasing? Insights in both the story telling…
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